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  1. and the RH10, M10, M100, M200 and the DH10P of course. but the cheapest idea is indeed the ledlight.
  2. evidently, if the same disc can hold four times as much music, this means the file size is four times as small or in other words: lots more info is cut out... this has an effect on sound quality (SQ) whether or not this quality loss hinders you in the enjoyment of the music is up to you. Just download the same piece of music in HiSP and HiLP and listen if you can hear the difference... if not, congrats, you have just won quadruple storage space. I for one can hear too much differences with the original source and even with HiSP... I use either HiSP (on my NH900) or MP3 (Lame VBR V4-new on my RH1).
  3. uhm, record in realtime I guess... it is called SP and except the 2nd gen, all Hi-MD's can record in MD-mode
  4. well, at least the last hack (the takeover of the forum itself) was visually better than the crapload of spam the first major hack a time ago caused did you take the time to contact that last one? or am I really too naive and was that email address a scam as well? PS: since my work email address has been made public on the website of my uni department, I'm getting even more spam/phishing attempts... so don't feel too bad, seemingly anything that attracts a bit of attention eventually becomes a target
  5. @ reefbeef... that was the mythical workaround that has been circulating these forums ozpeter mentioned. It doesn't work when using line-in and as greenmachine once told me: "it only works for mic-in as mic-in doesn't create trackmarks on silence" conclusion: there is no way to overcome this, just live with it and learn to use the combine function (on PC) or an alternative for mac
  6. wow, that was kinda vague... please read and post according to the rules... ppl here really need a bit more info to be able to help (so be as thorough as possible, please)
  7. make sure you didn't set the NH700 to record (onto 74 or 80 min discs) in MD-mode (SP or LP2/4 as opposed to HiMD-mode PCM, HiSP, HiLP) as those recordings only are uploadable with the RH1 if you pop in a fresh 74 or 80 min disc, it can automatically start in MD-mode I believe (at least that is what I guess happened when I lent my NH900 to a friend... luckily I have the RH1 as well)
  8. great, I for one am eagerly awaiting your instructions... but do take your time and make it as thorough as possible (and include some pics) so it becomes almost impossible for us (well me at least) to mess up our RH1's
  9. nice words there deadwing...and dead-on! I was at a concert a few months ago next to a guy who spent about 2/3rd of the show complaining very (irritatingly) loudly to his fellows about ... the price he paid on the black market ... to get INTO THAT SHOW I actually interrupted him and said: "hey that's nothing: I bought my ticket well in advance, really lived up to the concert and when it finally happened there was this annoying whino ruining it for everybody... will you please shove off?"... which he did ...as I was with some pretty impressive buddies
  10. @ umrk... that is really brilliant! how about posting a 'Howto' guide with pics so us less handy ppl can have a try at it as well? You could become an MDCF hero in no time
  11. never let sonicstage upload and convert to wav in one effort... uploading alone uses lots of resources and conversion to wav as well. I got some irritating repetitions of parts (in an older version of SS) when doing that perhaps that is the problem... try uploading without automatic conversion and 'save as wav' later or use Marcnet's HiMD-renderer to save as wav
  12. have you tried the mac transfer software version 2.0? (you can download it from these forums I believe)... that could help, though it is a long shot. If it doesn't help, you really should get in touch with Sony and hassle them for an RH1
  13. I use Audacity on mac, but it is a lot more work than "combine" in SS Therefore I mostly upload my line-in recordings to PC and only the mic-in ones to mac
  14. The Low Volta

    Md to pc

    sounds like you have got NetMD. Those recordings (not transferred tracks) will only transfer with the RH1 if you want to record and upload, just get a cheap HiMD (NH700 or NH800) as they do allow this search these forums on info on the stuff I mentioned...there's tons of info already posted here
  15. slightly highjacking this thread... but as it could be useful for the OP as well: does anyone know of a good sturdy carrying case for the (folded) D66SL's? (in dreams I see something like the PX100's case, but fitting the D66SL like a glove, but something pretty well fitting and pretty sturdy will do) I already know of the idea Ishii posted here, but I'd like something smaller that fits the folded phones only really (and I'm also not going to buy another pair of headphones just to store the D66SL's )
  16. 1. the 11 segment rec-level meter is great when you are recording... it is the same as on other models (shows you when the recording will start clipping/brickwalling), but it is in beautiful glow in the dark OLED this time! 2. there is no difference between the M200 and the RH1 except for the mic... you have got mics, forget about the M200 (it's just Sony trying to make money ) 3.a. the RH1 and NH900 (and NH1) use the HD digital amp and it was supposedly even improved for the Rh1... I don't hear much difference between the two I own (RH1/NH900) but that is a good thing as they both sound brilliant! (and as the RH1 looks much better than the NH900, the opto-acoustic-placebo-effect enhances the sound even more ) 3.b. the main difference between the sharp amp and the sony amps? the sharp amp doesn't come in a HiMD machine.
  17. just watched the 'sane man'-DVD by Bill Hicks... such a shame this guy had to go so soon!
  18. currently listening to the bootleg album (only legal in the Benelux cause the rights haven't been cleared outside of that region...and there are a lot of rights) 2 many DJ's | As heard on radio soulwax 00. (ghost track) kylie minogue / can't get you out of my head (soulwax elektronic mix) 01. Emerson, Lake & Palmer | Basement Jaxx / Peter Gunn Theme (live) | Where's Your Head At (Head-A-Pella) 02. Peaches / Fuck the Pain Away 03. Velvet Underground / I'm Waiting for the Man 04. Polyester | Sly & The Family Stone | Ready for the World / J'aime Regarder les Mecs | Dance to the Music | Oh Sheila (A Capella) 05. Dakar & Grinser / I Wanna be Your Dog 06. Ural 13 Diktators / Disko Kings 07. Bobby Orlando | Felix da Housecat / The 'O' Medley | Silverscreen Shower Scene 08. The Stooges | Salt 'n' Pepa / No Fun | Push It 09. Hanayo w. Jurgen Paape / Joe le Taxi 10. The Jets | Funkacise Gang | Soul Grabber / Crush on You (A Capella) | Funkacise | Motocross Madness 11. Lil' Louis & The World / French Kiss | Serious Trouble 12. Garbage / Androgyny 13. Frank Delour | The Residents / Disc Jockey's Delight Vol. 2 | Kaw-Liga (Prairie Mix) 14. Carlos Morgan / Shake Your Body 15. Alpha Wezen / Into the Stars (Firebirds Remix) 16. Interstellar | Nena / Concepts | 99 Luftballoons 17. Destiny's Child | 10cc / Independent Women, pt. 1 | Dreadlock Holiday 18. Dolly Parton | Royksopp / 9 to 5 | Eple 19. Arbeid Adelt / Death Disco 20. Jeans Team / Keine Melodien feat. MJ Lan 21. Skee Lo | Maurice Fulton pres. Stress | The Breeders / I Wish (A Capella) | My Gigolo | Cannonball 22. The Cramps / Human Fly 23. The Wildbunch / Danger! High Voltage 24. OP:L Bastards / Don't Bring Me Down 25. Adult / Hand to Phone 26. Vitalic / LA Rock 01 27. Queen of Japan / I Was Made for Loving You 28. New Order | Detroit Grand Pubahs / The Beach | Sandwishes (A Capella) 29. Lords of Acid / I Sit on Acid (Soulwax) 30. Streamer feat. Private Thoughts in Public Places / Start Button
  19. I wrote that review of the LDM+ Jaylen mentioned and I also own a (well sort of) C-Moy: the PengAmp which I described as well... just click through the headphone links (PX100 and/or D66SL) in my signature and you'll find them...
  20. just bought a semi-bootleg album (only legal in the Benelux cause the rights haven't been cleared outside of that region...and there are a lot of rights); 2 many DJ's | As heard on radio soulwax BTW: if you do not know this album... through www.proxis.be (a Belgian etailer) you can listen to samples of it...
  21. just check the different headphone threads in my signature (especially the PX100 and D66SL links) as they explain why I like both and they also explain and link to the two cheapish but very good portable amps I own
  22. I love the new style as well... it fits my grey/silver looks of both my computers
  23. indeed, raintheory...that was what I thought as well... but I was actually replying to peterkar (not to bland's correct remark) as I believed that the former didn't know this yet ... hence his remark: I just formulated it as a question because I couldn't check this at the moment and I didn't want to give wrong info... sorry for the further confusion... in short: @ peterkar... just go to the menus with the remote and check the backlight settings there
  24. and if you enter the menus through the remote itself?... isn't there a backlight option menu then?
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