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  1. Pelican makes a case for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP, which fits my NH600D nicely... actually, it's got room for my MD, transfer cable, and a couple of extra minidiscs. it's called a "Wacky Pack"...here's the link from froogle: Pelican Wacky Pack for GBA SP
  2. thanks for the reply. I don't really have any idea of what remote to use...but I definitely see the convenience of the remote. I don't think I'll splurge for the RM-MC40ELK...though the three backlit lines are nice. I've got butterfingers, so I'll drop the MD player unless I put it in a case...I guess I'll look around for something suitable.
  3. hello all! I just 'purchased' a Sony MZ-NH600D from ubid.com...$90 shipped to my house. what a steal. anyway, with the 1 GB MD, I'm planning on ripping my CD's at Hi-LP since carrying around a CD player and a huge CD case is too much trouble. the data storage capability is pretty nice too...slow, but nice. I don't plan on ripping MP3's onto MD, since that would involve compressing something that's already compressed... quick questions: -will any Sony inline remote work with my MZ-NH600D? -what options do I have for minidisc player storage? I don't really work out, so I don't need the armband-type holder. -is there any linux software that will allow me to transfer CD's onto Hi-MD? thanks very mucho. I hope to participate in this forum now, considering the fact that I've been lurking around for a while...
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