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  1. Hi, It's one of my few posts bit I finally feel the need to ramble on (Led Zep bless them) . If you agree thats ok if you don't thats ok too!! I've been living with my NH-900 for nearly two years!!!! I listen to it approx 5 hours a day at work. It pumps out music in my car via a FM transmitter and all along I've been thinking MP3 is the way to go I must get a harddrive MP3 player but one question sticks with me why? If i really wanted a so called MP3 player I'd have bought one ages ago. I hear all the stuff about MD is not ideal for playback. Thats all I do and I can't think of anything else that will do anything different. I've DJ'd at several parties with my MD and each time someone comes up to me and say's thats great I've been meaning to get an iPod for ages. On that note it was sat on my desk at work the other day in it's little grey pouch and someone said "..at last you've finally dropped the MD thing I've been meaning to get a MP3 player can you suggest one!!?". It plays, records is robust those that don't know think it's a harddrive thingy!! I'm not too bothered about the future all I know is it suits a purpose for me. Play's gapless which is fantastic for mixes and live stuff. Just can't find a reason to replace well possibly space but changing those disks also makes me re-evaluate my music collection and discover those hidden gems!! I'm not aginst any other type of player one size never fit's all I just know MD is ideal for me. Apologies to those expecting a Sony Apple rant but I'm really fed up with all the issues. At the end of the day as long as I've got music who cares. Cheers
  2. Ah sorted at last, not sure what went on but notcied that noen of my disc were recognised either brand new or used. But the player was working OK. Took this as a sign to upgrade to SS 2.3. Everything now working OK, can even transfer mutiple albums without the thing crashing. Progress at last. Now I just need to work out how to transfer a huge library of data to my new PC!!??
  3. Hi, This sounds similar to a problem I'm having. By mistake I erase an entire disk via the units itself ( a NH900). Silly me thought I'd just get home and transfer the albums I wanted back to the disk. Oh No Sonic Stage says: Cannot use this disc because it was initialized by a program other than SonicStage. So I reinitialze as per the instructions but the disk is still unusable. Surely I didn't do anything wrong. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Feeling rather eclectic on the disc at the mo: Mastodon - Leviathan Mastodon - Remission Hidden Hand - Devine Propaganda Incubus - Morning View The Mars Volta - France The Mute Zakk Wylde - Various Mylo - Destroy Rock And Roll Submerge Volume 1 Death In Vegas - Contino Sessions Laurent Garnier - Excess Luggage Dave Clarke - Live Hed Kandi - The Mix- Summer 2004 MDZ - 04 430 West - Back To The Rhythm 430 West - Detroit Calling Model 500 - Mind And Body Underworld - HundredDaysOff Nightmares On Wax - Various These discs have so much room!!
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    Thanks for your help, I'll get downloading.
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    Hi, New to Hi-MD (had MD for years though) just got my NH-900 which I understand is due to be superseded. (Technology moves too fast!!) The unit came bundled with SS 2.0 which I've upgraded to 2.1. Should I be going with the upgrades suggested on Connect.com or sticking to the recommended versions via the Sony Support site i.e. 2.1 at present. Any advice would be most helpful. Cheers Jase
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