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  1. I carry mine in a Gameboy Advance case I bought at Walmsrt for $6. I shopped all over the internet for the smallest case possible and this is the smallest one I found. I put the player in the side that has the clear skin and cut holes in it for my ports. You can even carry a spare disc in the otherside. It has velcro belt loop strap that I really like.
  2. I was hoping someone could tell me if the iPod accessories would work with my MZ-NH1 Hi-MD recorder. I am specifically interested in the Griffin iTrip—FM Transmitter for iPod (Radioshack.com SKU# 12-2303) because it is the only FM transmitter I have found that will run off of the players battery.
  3. I work at a Radioshack and I cannot find this model or any FM transmitter that plugs into the USB port. The only ones that I can find plug into the headphone jack and either need batteries or a power cord. I've been hoping to find one that runs off of the players batteries as I assume yours does since it is USB
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