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  1. I am new to MD (which will become obvious). I recently purchased an MZ-NH900. It works well enough, but my problem (!) is with SonicStage 2.3. I spent many hours on end recording via optical input a bunch of tunes in various formats (I pre-EQd them on the computer, which is the reason I didn't just transfer them). I finally got the Hi-MD 1Gb disc the way I wanted it. Meanwhile, in the process of experimenting around at first, I'd built up a very junky catalog in SonicStage that I wanted to get rid of. I selected the tracks on the My Library side of the screen that I wanted to delete, hit the <Del> key. A dialog came up giving me the choice between: 1. Delete OpenMG files (*.omg *.oma) from your computer 2. Delete non-OpenMG music files (*.mp3, *.wav, *.wma) from your computer I chose the first option (I should mention I had the MD connected via USB at the time). The next thing I knew, not only were all the files gone from My Library -- but also some 50-odd files had been erased from the MD as well ...! Furious is not precisely the term I would use to describe my reaction. About 10 hours work totally down the drain. What the dickens goes on here, anyway? Why were those files erased off the disc? The program dialog said "Delete files FROM YOUR COMPUTER" -- not "from the computer and the disc". Why did it erase the disc also?
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