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  1. Don't you not worry about that my friend. I am not unfamiliar to the occasional double negative. In fact only the other day, talking to the girl at the bar, we were talking about doubles. And she asked me for a Double entendre. So I gave her one.
  2. that's worth knowing, thanks Avrin
  3. ah, but you are wrong Taliesin. It IS a great help Thanks for your feedback
  4. Just seen this: Windows 7 To Be Released October 22 Dunno how much though
  5. sfbp, I agree with you. Since 7000 in Jan I have been using Win7. I love it. I never used vista. Came straight from XP. Unfortunately my pc is playing up at the moment and I have no window of opportunity to fix things. This means that I have to use XP. But like you I think they are getting there with win7.
  6. Alright, this is different then. I have just seen your post Avrin. I suppose I should use the drivers in your link, rather than the drivers in the MDCF forums link, even though the zip file name is the same. Confusing
  7. ...and what a final note it is..!! I wouldn't have had a clue about this. I am not in a position to install on 7 for a while, so haven't actually tried again just yet. But very grateful to you, sfbp, for bringing this driver requirement to my attn. Off to grab 'em now>>>>>
  8. You have all been most helpful. Thank you very much
  9. I think there are different experiences of using SS with Win7 From what I have read, I think there are a number of ways of persuading Win7 to behave with SS. Otherwise we are stuck with having to keep a pc with a legacy os just to use our minidiscs. No. Nevertheless I thank you for the link and I have followed your recommendation to get ultimate one from Post #5. Thank you for that Avrin That's a good version of 4.3. Is there a recommended full version of 4.2, please - or don't I need it for XP. Will this ultimate version behave with XP Pro? At the moment, coz I dual boot, SS installer sees the XP installation on the C:\drive and refuses to install to my E:\drive where I have Win7. Ho Hum.
  10. This concerns Windows 7. I cannot install SS4.3. I have a dual boot machine with XP on the C:\drive and Win7 on the other drive. When I try to install SS4.3 on Win 7 it says it is already installed, and goes away. Grrhh. I suppose it is coz SS insists on installing itself on the C:\drive whereas Win7 is on my E:\drive. How can I deal with this. And where can I get a full version of SS4.3 or 4.2. I only have installer stub versions. Thanks,
  11. Thanks for your feedback Stephen Most helpful, as I have been out of touch for a while. From what you are saying, and bearing in mind I have no RH1, it seems I am alright to stick with 4.2/4.3 and XP Pro.
  12. Thanks Hello Rich, good to hear from you. Long time no see. I hope you are well. Thanks for the link I will give it a try. [late edit] having looked at the comments on that thread, I think I might as well stay with SS4.2 and XP Pro. I have never used Vista. Unless you recommend otherwise btw what do folk think of Win 7 with SS3.4. Anybody tried it yet...
  13. Hello folks, sorry I haven't been around for a while. I am trying to do some catch-up. I still love and constantly use my minidiscs. I am on SonicStage 4.3. What version should I be using now. How have things changed...
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