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  1. I have updated my MD drive & Direct X. I will just ave to try sending a report via the programme as I can't post on the site you linked to and there isn't an email address Will also try on a XP computer
  2. I can detect files on NetMD but I get the following error when trying to record What is directsound? I have updated my sound card devices but still it doesn't record.
  3. debs

    files protected

    well i'm on the hunt for the driver for my mini disc now
  4. debs

    files protected

    My files are still on my discs. I installed the latest Sonicstage but the only drive it recognises is the CD-R, my minidsc isn't there. Options - transfer - transfer mode, nothing is showing up
  5. debs

    files protected

    So even with it telling me they are protected they may still have been deleted from my disc?
  6. debs

    files protected

    I tryed uploading some songs with sonic stage. At first they were detected so I went to transfer them and was told they were protected so I couldn't then Sonicstage claimed there were no files on my mini disc. These are live recordings & I know I didn't protect them how do I remove this?
  7. debs

    Hi Dc In

    my adapter is AC-MZR55
  8. debs

    Hi Dc In

    my mini disc is Sony MZ-G750 and my mains adapter isn't connected
  9. debs

    Hi Dc In

    What does it mean? When I press play that message comes up
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