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  1. It's pronounced Ah-trac in order not to confuse it with 8-track. It's the first thing a desinger told me back in 1992
  2. The unit is stuck in service mode because youve reset the NV. Now there's no more information on the optical unit adjustements. You can try the following, there's a great possibillity the unit works again. You'l need a MD CD disk (pre-recored) and a MD MO disk. Use an empty one, existing recordings wil be destroyed. Plug in power, service mode comes up. Insert MDCD disk, pres << (rew). The unit switches to auto adjustment. Press Play. CD adjustement starts. When ready it wil display CD OK. Now eject CD disk and insert MO disk and press STOP, << and PLAY. MO auto adjustement wil start. When ready it wil display MO OK. Now remove power and connect it again. Most likely the unit wil work normally now. Succes and sorry for any grammar errors. Himdman
  3. Toc cloning IS possible on the R37. Actually it's possible on al sony portable MD units. You wil however have open up the unit and bypass the lid and disk detection switch in order to fool the unit in "thinking"you didn't swap the disk.
  4. Sony does have new firmware to correct the labeling issue in Himd mode. You will however have to send your unit in for service.
  5. Well, I finay had a chance to try it myself... And I'm quite happy now!!! I also have gotten hold o a NH700/NHF800 service manual. Is there a place on this forum where I can upload the file? It's a PDF file of about 2.5 MB Himdman
  6. I'm glad it has worked out for you guys. I'll get my unit back by friday so I wil then give it a try. In the mean time I will try to get hold of a complete service manual. As for the 113 codes, the manual clearly stated these were destibation codes. I don't know if it only affects sound.
  7. HI, Today I had a chance to peek at some himd service manuals. It seems the destination is controlled by code 113 in the service menu of the players. I haven't had a chance to test them yet cause my unit is being repaired. Maybe we can bypass the euro volume cap this way. EDIT by kurisu: Click here for info on how to enter service mode. Enter these values at code 113 and press pause to save. MZ-NH900 US 21 Canadian/Australian 41 Europe/UK A1 Hong kong/Taiwan 25 MZ-NH1 US/Australian 01 Europe/UK 81 Hong Kong/Taiwan 05 MZ-NH600 Europe/UK A0 E (??) 25 MZ-NH700 US - (Not a US model??) Canadian/Australian 20 Europe/UK A0 Hong Kong/Korean 25 E91/Mexican 20 MZ-NHF800 US 50 Canadian/Australian 30 Europe/UK B0 Hong Kong/Korean 34 E91/Mexican - Hope these are helpfull....... Let me know
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