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  1. I can't say why it dit not work for him. I just can say, that it worked for me in TWO! real live situations. First time I lost 5 peaces of music which I was able to become access to only with the reported method. The second time I lost more than 7 hours of music - I reanimated also with the same method. And it took me A LOT of time, to figure a way out. I hope, it works for others also. enaef
  2. Did you run the chkdsk /F before using the other steps? Could it be, that was the problem?
  3. Deliberately to force a audio error message make of course only sense for trying out the method for "reanimating" lost material. Yes, it happened already twice to me . That's the reasen why I desperately was looking for a way to get access to lost material. First time, my RH1 obviously failed with "TOC-writing" after I pressed the T-Mark button. After that I had lost the last 5 recorded peaces. Next time (two days later) I lost more than 7 hours of music during naming peaces in SonicStage. I suddenly had the error message, (in SS) that the MD "is not formated as audio-disc" (or something like this). I had no more audio-access to the recorded material neither by SS nor by the RH1 directly. It was obvious again to me, that there would have been some sort of failure by writing the "TOC-files". Though the final solution as reported, in the end seems to be quite simple, it took me many hours get the right way. Especially the point to use a totally fresh formated MD was the crux. I hope, that somebody else will try now "my solution", because I am eager to know, wheter the solution is reproducable. Though I tried many times. EDIT: But now a question. Overwriting the ATDATA file is only possible, if you safed it earlier, no? Or do you mean, that you have some sort of error, copy the ATDATA file to harddisc and overwrite the ATDATA file of the MD with this copied fiel?
  4. Nothing easier than producing a disc with corrupted audio mode. For example take a empty MD, do a short recording. Go in data mode and copy the files to the harddisc. Take another empty MD and go to data-mode. Here you erase the files and replace them with the files you copied earlier to the harddisc. When you try to play this disc, you will get a "AUDIO FILE ERROR". Now you can try my steps.
  5. Yes, with corrupted I mean corrupted audio mode. I am not shure, whether I understand you right. Which file exactly do you want to write back? The ATDATA file?
  6. thanks, greenmachine for translating my report to english!! Unfortunately I have to correct you: you will not be able to get access to accicentally formatted or erased Hi-MDs, because the file ATDATAxx.HMA will be empty (0 KB) and you cannot save it to the harddisc. It works only with a corrupted Hi-MD. By the way: I myself am very curious for somebody who will try to test this "reanimation" (you need ofcourse not to wait until you have a corrupted Hi-MD). To be honest, I am surprised nobody tried until now. Not only in this forum, but also in the german forum.
  7. Hi I just wanted to tell, that I found a way to "reanimate" Hi-MD's which are produced with a RH1 (only with RH1!). Because my English is to bad, I can give you the URL to the german thread, where I explained, how it works. If somebody around here is understanding german and eager to translate: go on. Zugriff auf verlorenes Hi-MD Material (leider nur RH1) Greetings Ernst alias enaef
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