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  1. The AC adaptor won't work in your car.
  2. markey

    Nw A8***

    I find that Sennheiser, PX100 and Cx300's along with MDR-EX90's work well IMO. Just to add, the A81x and A82x are supplied with MDR-EX82's which are extremely good. MDR-EX90's are after market phones which sound even better. Skull candy I find are low budget and inferior to any of the phones I have mentioned.
  3. Instead of spending money an amp, why not just buy a Sony dap and use that for your music and the PSP for gaming as it was intended. Headphone amps aren't cheap
  4. markey

    Nw A8***

    .........you sure? I find the MDR-EX90's work fine with all my Sony daps.
  5. If you already have good qualty phones and the extra features of the A816 aren't needed, then go for the E series
  6. How can you support this claim? Personally I would go for the NWZ-A816. It's small enough, probably has more features and comes with good quality earphones.
  7. I have taken a look and would have to say it's all Greek to me........................but I can't, it's Japanese
  8. I very much doubt if the skin can be changed.
  9. Don't hold your breath Look at it this way. The current version of SonicStage will probably last as long as your player will.
  10. That's your bill of purchase. Send it back if you don't want it.
  11. Can be replaced but not for sale to the general public. They have every angle covered so as to keep extracting our hard earned cash.
  12. Hi and welcome. Get yourself a NWZ-A81x series. Comes in 2, 4 and 8 gig sizes. The 8 gig costing no more than £130 GBP. These DON'T use Sonic Stage or ATRAC by the way.
  13. That's good to know. Will you still be keeping the A818?
  14. Thanks for sharing the pics antiipod. I'm liking the A80x series in blue
  15. I'm so happy for you. We all know where to come when we have a problem lol
  16. Sorry juli. I can't find the the giant orb thing???
  17. That confirms it. markey = dumb ass. I will spend some of today mastering this thing they call WMP 11. I'm really getting too old for all this. Right! where's that 11 year old son of mine. I'll get him on the job. Thanks juli!
  18. markey

    NW-S705F USB Lead?

    Yes, this is what you need. It's a WM port cable supplied with all NW-S70x/80x/A81x and A82x ranges. I take it your going to buy another unit to get the cable?
  19. It doesn't like this - "Computer > C: > ProgramData > SonicStage > Packages" in explorer either. Either I'm a complete dumb ass or maybe Sony doesn't want you to do this. Has anyone else had this problem? I may well re-rip my entire library again in WMP 11 p.s. I have to use Walkman Launcher to get to Sonic Stage. This was on the software provided when I got the A806. It's kind of like a gate-way in to Sonic Stage. Could this be causing a problem???
  20. juli, I copy and pasted this- "C:\ProgramData\SonicStage\Packages\" in to the search function in WMP 11. This is the message I got:- "There are no items found matching 'C:\ProgramData\SonicStage|Packages|:" This is very strange
  21. Seems like Sony is taking one step forward and two steps back. I myself am having serious problems transferring my 320 kbps mp3's which were ripped in SonicStage over to WMP 11. I did rip some mp3's in WMP 11 and I managed to transfer them over to Sonic Stage. It just doesn't seem to work so smoothly in reverse. I picked up a pink A816 for the wife back in November of last year. TBH using it on her VAIO laptop it hasn't given me any problems what so ever. Both mp3's and album art transfer from laptop to the A816 with no problem what so ever. I also find Sonic Stage 4.3 a lot more user friendly than WMP 11.
  22. Thanks juli, I'll give it a try. I'll let you know if it works or not.
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