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  1. markey

    NW-A808 volume

    Hi and welcome. The answer to your question is no.
  2. That's the EU for you...........Dictatorship!
  3. markey

    A1000 Equaliser Request

    No need to remove thread. It may help others in the future
  4. I would have to disagree also. Matter of opinion I suppose.
  5. Yes, the new site looks good from what I can see Is there a forum???
  6. Hi juli, I guess it's just getting less hits each day. It's ranking has gone down quite a bit. As for the future of this site, your guess is as good as mine.
  7. I just Googled this site, "atraclife". It doesn't appear anymore. It used to be the first site. Ten pages in and it still doesn't appear. It did last night, but not today. Only other sites are listed referring to this one. Comments please??? Also look here.
  8. Good innit Had me fooled too when I first came across it.
  9. Currently listening to Ride the Underground: Mixed By Grant Nelson/Norris 'da Boss' Windross on NWZ-A818 in MP3 at 320KBPS. 1. Saved My Life - Edwards, Todd 2. Oye Como Va - Puente, Tito 3. Closer - Mood II Swing 4. Hallelujah - Chandler, Kerri 5. Got Myself Together - Nelson, Grant 6. In And Out Of My Life - Dantzler, Tonja 7. Goin' Round - D'Bora 8. 4 You - 4th Measure Men 9. Inside Your Mind - GOD Ltd. 10. Part 4 - Morel's Grooves 11. Anytime - Nu Birth 12. Volume 1 - Cover Ups 13. Deep Inside - Hard Drive 14. Pleasuredome - Soul II Soul 15. Groovers Track - Federation X (1) 16. Long Time Coming - Bump & Flex 17. Everybody - Mousse T 18. Nothing Better - Colourblind 19. Murder Track - Delgado, Mike 20. Step To Me - Nelson, Grant 21. Right Before My Eyes - N&G 22. Movin' On - Pender, Debbie 23. Love Bug - Ramsey & Fen 24. Kung Foo - 187 Lockdown 25. Hyper Funk - Antonio (2) 26. Get Happy - Underground Solution 27. Too Late - Thompson, Carroll (1) 28. Sincere/Guilty - Cole, M.J. 29. Sweet Sensation - Peekay 30. I Keep - N&G 31. Belo - Heartists 32. Spend The Night - Lewis, Danny J. 33. Beautiful People - Tucker, Barbara 34. Bizzi's Party - Bizzi 35. Baby - Y-Tribe 36. It's My House - New Horizon (2) 37. Say What - Paolo & Rodriguez 38. Spirit Of The Sun - Fontana, Lenny 39. R U Sleeping - Indo 40. You Make Me Wanna - Usher 41. Desire - Dem 2 42. My Desire - Amira
  10. Might be worth posting this on the sister forum MDCF if you haven't done so already.
  11. This is an English speaking forum. Please use English in all posts. All posts must be readable by all members and visitors
  12. Just found this on eBay (UK site) for anyone interested.
  13. markey


    They look absolutely awful. As someone commented on Engadget, "They look like pregnancy test kits".
  14. markey

    European volume limit

    Do you think it will work on tube/subway and bus in other cities too???
  15. Hi nylon99 and welcome to the forum As LG1 said, you can only use SonicStage, MP3FM and Vaio Music Transfer. Nothing else will work, Sorry.
  16. Hi nylon99 and welcome to the forum As LG1 said, you can only use SonicStage MP3FM and Vaio music Transfer. Nothing else will work.
  17. Iron Man...............great special effects!
  18. markey

    Which LCD remote...

    Hi and welcome to the forum I use a RM-MC35ELK myself and it works well, but I have heard the RM-MC40ELK is the one to go for, for use with the HD5.
  19. I wonder if they will use the fact that you apparently used the wrong software as an excuse as to not refund you your 45 euros.

  21. Read this article too. Telephones are another one.............working in an office (as i do) should come with danger money lol.
  22. Oh I see! Well you seemed to have had the last laugh. Anyway welcome to ATRACLife paulheartsony and also TooManyUserNamesToRemember
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