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  1. I'm interested in: (1) creating a bit-for-bit clone of a standard MD, (2) analyzing that disc image with a hex editor (i.e., WinHex), and (3) burning that disc image to one or more blank standard MDs. Will this process be possible using either a SONY MZRH10 or MZRH910 unit, via the USB connection? From what I've read, these units can write data only on HiMD media, so (3) above is probably a no-go. But will the unit still show up as a drive letter after inserting a standard MD with recorded audio? If so, then I believe that WinHex can create an image of the disc. Any answers/guidance will be greatly appreciated.
  2. If I have a 74-minute MD which I inadvertently erased, can I perform the TOC cloning procedure on a SONY deck with a fully-recorded 80-minute MD? Or do I need to create a 74-minute "recovery" disc and then perform the TOC cloning. Same question for 60-minute MDs. In essence, does "size" matter? Thanks!!
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