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  1. What an awesome gig! And moreso, what an awesome quality bootleg! (One of the best done/available for this act, anyway!) I'm totally stoked with the quality, personally (some of you may not think so, I dont know how picky some of you guys are ) http://james.alternative.net.au/sfk/10.03....ntshow_clip.mp3 There's a quick 1 minute clip (i'm still 'mastering' [god im a n00b], cutting, etc..) I thought I'd like to show you guys re: my effort. I was actually standing in front of the main act, literally. Mic hanging off my tshirt. It was dark and he was being blinded by lights, I guess. Either way, Thank you all so much for your much valued advice!!!
  2. Well, the gig is tonight so I guess I'll see how I go! Hopefully it'll be as clear as possible with as little crowd/clothing interference. I'm going to wing it tonight and hope they dont catch me out personally - I'll either be carrying the mic inside the MD carry pouch hanging off my neck or if I'm feeling lucky I may even have it hanging off the top of my tshirt, exposed!!! Most of the gigs I go to, I find that a lot of the bands' managers are absolute nazis (even sometimes the venue security/employees) so I'm thinking it would be best to invest in some sort of stealth microphone solution. Maybe something that I can cover up pretty well using the collar of my shirt by using alligator clips or something? Suggestions guys?
  3. Oh it will. But I'll have an extension lead of about 2m going from the pouch, into the top of my shirt (the pouch will be sitting thereabouts), all the way down to my jeans, into one of those pockets Having the lead also eliminates the Mic from picking up the MD's electronics/moving parts!
  4. I thought as much! I'm actually going to try and use the pouch that the MD came with. pop the mic in there, and then get some sort of lanyard to hang it around my neck (stereo cable will run down my shirt to my pocket). seems low key enough
  5. Question, was your mic on high or low sens, and manually set volume I'm guessing?
  6. With my Hi-MD, you can only have the Mic sens on High/Low, but that level recording idea might actually work well. I know there will be a supporting act, but I dont wanna fiddle around too much and get caught. New songs will be trialed at this gig by the main act and the manager doesn't like it, I'm led to believe
  7. lol, certainly did! I've actually figured out most of that (recording/using the md). I actually did some research on the mic before I bought it, and yes, I've also got an extension lead for it! I was hoping to buy the ECM-719, but its not a popular mic around here . 10 seems a little low, though, doesn't it? I mean it WILL be a smallish venue with lots of people, and I'm guessing its going to drown out a lot of background noise/microphone movement ? And yes, I actually thought of the cap/beanie trick. Tried leaving it there for 10 minutes and I now have a permanent imprint of the 'Sony' logo on my forehead I'm estimating the gig will go for about 2.5 hours, so Hi-SP mode for me (plus 1gb disc!) Thanks again for all your tips guys!
  8. G'day guys, I just bought my first MD and Mic for recording 2 days ago. I've got an upcoming gig and I specifically bought it to record that, obviously. I broke the bank with: 1x Sony MZ-NH700 Hi-MD 1x Sony ECM-DS70P Mic It's going to be an acoustic gig (mic'd up to feed the venue with sound of course), and I'll probably be standing either right up the front or somewhere near the front-middle. Now, what is the best way to go about recording this? Some say AGC for my first time, others say go manual. I'd really like this recording to come out as best as possible (ie, no microphone annoyances such as shirt rustling, etc... - the mic doesn't have a clip, and i'm going to need to somehow most likely conceal it). Any tips would seriously be of great help. I've tried different things like 'Standard' and "Loud Music' modes with low/high level mic sense, manual volume/agc but I'd seriously love some expert advice as to how to go about getting the best possible recording out of the occasion). Maybe someone could offer me an optimum setup, such as 'Low sens mic, 16 record volume', whatever! Thanks, - boogs PS. I am a first timer, so keep it simple for me. I'm no audiophile, unfortunately
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