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  1. Do you guys use the MD simple burner? where can I download this?
  2. Yes one ear and two sometimes. Thanks guys. Btw where would you guys reccomend buying these?
  3. Some good ones to use at work. Not big. I'd like to use it in just one ear.
  4. Can I load my Minidiscs into the PC using this?
  5. Thanks guys. it's mainly my best friend who has an ipod. He just got and he's getting a little too cocky.
  6. Thanks, oh well there's still some pretty cool ones available.
  7. Thanks alot I found these still searching for the stoplight ect.
  8. Wow you got a link so I can get me some of them?
  9. Thanks for responding. I've got the Sony MZ-NE410 BLACK MiniDisc Player. Sonic stage version 1.5. I don't think I have Hi-MD but the setup for winnetmd isn't working for me for some reason. How would I go about getting Hi-MD? I basically just wanna be using the programs you more experienced md users use.
  10. I've been using just sonic stage and havn't used net md. What do you guys use and is net md worth messin with?
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