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  1. Click here to watch HELP-i-need-to-know-the-name-of-this-song i heard this on the radio and i CANT FOR THE LIFE of me remember any lyrics.. this is me humming the chorus. PLEASE if you know the name and artist let me know thx much..
  2. i am definately a unique person!! and I enjoy life to the fullest (or at least I try )
  3. Who is mad at me Ill keep postin about my life and my MD Equipment.. This is a VERY interesting BB
  4. and YES I have my MD unit with me the portable one of course!!
  5. Ok, been a while since ive been on but i just thought I'd update all the fine people here at The Minidisc Forum!! I have been doing the account for almost 2 weeks and I have already been as far as new brunswick CA.. I am getting pertty good miles and undecking trucks ain't too bad.. I also like the idea of riding back on the airplane!! I'll keep everyone posted!!
  6. That is AWESOME!!!!!! WHERE did you get it and what model is it?? is it MDLP??
  7. you have to be VERY careful going around curves as they are top heavy..
  8. i drop the 1st 2 trucks in the am in carlisle at the volvo dealer then the green one with the 12 speed automatic goes to quebec!!!
  9. unfortunately, it does not have a mike or a mike jack.. it copies from the radio, tape, or cd, and the CD is direct to digital..
  10. thank you for cleaning it up.. it put it 2many times... no it does not do HIMD.. I got it in may of 2000. but it does have GREAT sound
  11. Here is the photo!! It is uncompressed so it might take a little to download [attachmentid=717]
  12. Ok, I made it thru orientation and did great.. I aced the driving test (backing a swift truck into a hole) haha . I am going down to Dublin VA on Monday to learn how to deck and undeck the new Volvo trucks. I am home now spending time with my wife, but Im still looking forward to getting back on the road and making $$. Just wanted to update everyone.. Ill post a pic of my fisher boombox tomorrow, also..
  13. THE RIAA IS THE PROBLEM HERE they are a self righteous bunch of sue happy people.. they could care less about the hard working artists..
  14. thank you.. The "real live" train thing is something I came up with when I was a child.. I play that song on the CB sometimes,, and it just kind of stuck
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