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  1. Well at least to me the sound through simple burner transfer feels like stripped of treble whereas the same sound through optical sounds richer quality wise. of course both sound great but i will try to record some songs both ways and see if i can point the difference.
  2. well I was using sonic stage to backup my cds in hi-sp(the most important ones) then i decided to record Madonna´s American Life through optical on the same md i recorded Ray of light through Simple burner. let´s say there was obvious difference in the sound quality between the two. My question is if both were digitally transfered wouldn´t they have to sound the same in terms of quality? or is simple burner offering a poorer digtal copy on purpose? any Ideas why this happens? I remember once i read someone posting that he found transfers Through usb better than optical I beg to differ cause this is not what i am experiencing. thx for your time.
  3. Hello i recently received my mznh900 and would like to ask you guys some questions 1- is it possible to record true hi-sp because in net md through sonic stage true sp was not possible. is it possible now or is it just some pseudo-hi-lp like before? 2- am I stuck with only sonic stage in order to transfer mp3 files? (in net-md we could also use Real audio player) 3- why is my mznh900 lower than my old mzne410? it is an euro version and i did the code and set it to the us region but even then it is still lower than my previous unit at maximum volume and I would also appreciate if you could point to me some sites with specific info about my unit thanks in advance Antonio
  4. yeah sorry i forgot it was pounds not Euros. and i fell sorry for those like my friend who bought them one month ago at full price. but anyways it must be a clearance sale cause they didn´t go down in any other stores so enjoy and grab one while you still can now if I only lived in England
  5. Man I am Still not believing when i saw that amazon.uk reduced the prices to that level; i mean one month it was 159.99. by the way NH1 is only 109 euros! i wish i lived in england these prices are unbeliavable. P.S I am a new member I´ve been using minidiscs since 1996 but this is the first time a join a forum about the format
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