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  1. Yes, you will find a good deal other than mine So, don't worry! Anyways.. Some Hi-MD medias were sold, so what left is: 1x Hi-MD media 1x Travel Voltage Converter (110~130v -> 100v) 1x LIP-4WM rechargeable battery
  2. Thanks a lot for the interests, all of you guys. However, it (finally) is sold as I just received money order today. One of battery, 3 Hi-MD medias, 4 80 min MD medias, travel charger, and media carrying case are still available. So, if you are interested in any of them, feel free to let me know. But EH1 itself is sold. Thanks again for your PMs, guys!
  3. Tiesto chose DH10P, not mine! So, I hate him now! (Of course I am kidding ) sebastianbf, extra battery was included with NH1 that I bought at ebay, so I have no idea where you can get it But I'm now willing to part, so offer me via PM if you are interested in one of battery
  4. PLAYER SOLD! SOME ACCESSORIES ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR SALE1 Hello! I have MZ-EH1 for sale. Cosmetic condition is great, that I can't find any scratch on body or remote (including LCD). Basically you are getting those you see in the picture - MZ-EH1, RM-MC40ELK, 2 LIP-4WM batteries, Case Logic carrying case, Case Logic MD media case, desktop charger, voltage converter (120v -> 100v. You don't have to use it, but good to have), box w/ manual, 3 Hi-MD media, 2 80 min media, and 4 74 min media. I'm not sure how much to start with. So, let's begin with $ 200 SHIPPED (Con. US buyer only please). But I am widely open to offers. Willing to part, so offer me as well! PM is the best way to reach me. Thanks. Close up shots
  5. As the title says.. Looking for MZ-NH3D with all the accessories (like LCD remote and such). PM me or email to kdkpsjATgmailDOTcom Thanks!
  6. Sorry dude, everything was sold about a week ago.
  7. Thanks for being interested. But I can't accept your offer. I'd rather keep them than sell cheap. Moreover, this day, I'm realizing Minidisc player is very useful especially when I travel long distance because MP3Ps have too short play time compare to MDPs.
  8. Hi hans, I honestly don't want to ship oversea.. (You know, becuz of possible import tax and such) But well, I'll try. What is your budget, and how would you like to pay? Let me know about those, and I'll let you know my decision. PM me or email me. Thanks!
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