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  1. Current news on MD ?!? It's ironic, isn't it? See SONY! That's how far the community's been driven... Yeah Sony, due to your unbelievably narrow minded DRM-policy you did a really great job in ditching T H E B E S T removable audio/data format that's ever been engineered. Your fault, not the user's I hope that SONY gets it, finally ! But unfortunately, in times of cheap flash-memory devices, it's already too late to license the Hi-MD technology to 3rd-party manufacturers at an affordable price. Maybe SONY will be wiser licensing the hopefully upcoming Blu-Ray-MD technology... Any news about that? Of course not, 'cause it's SONY But seriously, wouldn't it be so cool to have that in all future computers as a next gen version of the good old 1,44MB 3,5'' floppy disc, which is by the way also a design by SONY?
  2. Well...What can I say... I didn't even know that site existed until you mentioned its closedown! Anyway, MD's NOT DEAD ! ! ! I've seen the future of MD as "Blu-Ray-MiniDisc" since two years and it will probably take at least another two or five years to have those units, which are: Blue-Ray-MiniDisc-HiMD-Walkman-Audio/HDV-recorder and Camcorder/Photocamera/Data-Recorders all in one with a 3,5' OLED-color display and increased full USB 2.0-compliant-reading/writing-accessability In other words: The external buy-on universal early-21st century floppy drive. Or why else do you seriously think Sony is putting all its efforts into MD and Blue-Ray, two supposedly "delayed" technologies? THINK BIG! I'll wait and see and dream and hope that Sony looks into the forums for MD-user's advice and comments. Please don't tell me that I might be wrong...
  3. Why does Sony stick to old technology? I mean if they would implement Blue Ray technology to the MD NEXT YEAR (!) it would give the company an opportunity to profile itself as the inventor of the nextgen Floppy Disk with say 5 or maybe even 10 GB. All these crappy CD-Rs, DVD+RW-RAM-DualLayer-stuff would become obsolete and replaced by the new Blue-Ray MD standard for PC AND MAC and let's say Camcorders. This is something that consumers of electronics and computer-users have been waiting for a long time. Backwards-compatibility guaranteed. Actually it is only a matter of time. If Sony doesn't bring it out next year (which indeed is not realistically) they should do so in two. If they will in three, it will take at least another three years (a total of six years from today) to really ESTABLISH the Blue Ray-MD on the market. I am sure that Sony will not spoil this one-in-a-million chance.
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