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  1. Well, it's been a few days since I received my MZ-RH1 and I'm starting to get used to the operation. I decided that it was time to try the recording feature on the unit. I have to admit that it's really easy to use and configure. I especially like the fact that I was able to change the level control while recording. I also like the fact that it time stamps the recording. I have this one music DVD that was hard to record with my RH10 because it would cut off in one part or another about 3/4 of the way into the concert. It didn't matter if I used a dedicated DVD player or my laptop computer, it cut off somewhere. So I decided to try it with the RH1 and when I got back to see how the recording was progressing I noticed it was off. Unfortunately it cut off in a different place on my first try on a dedicated DVD player. I looked online on minidisc.org and found that I should turn off "synch recording" since that's only used for digital recording, which I did. I then got my Xitel Minilink out of mothballs, plugged in the USB connector into my laptop and the analog plug into the RH1 and started recording. I stepped out of the house as it recorded wondering if it was going to stop in the middle of the show again. I got home and found the unit off. I checked the minidisc player and found that it had indeed recorded the entire show! Yay! I tell ya, I'm just thrilled with this unit. I had my doubts about buying another minidisc recorder and thinking I made a mistake by not buying a dedicated MP3 player, namely an Apple iPod, but after this successful recording my faith in minidisc has been restored. I certainly couldn't record this DVD with an Ipod and at the quality of Atrac 256. Outstanding. Now all I need to do is add the track marks and label them and the disc is done. Now to find a street performer to practice my live recording skills. ;-)
  2. I do like the scroll wheel on the 40elk. I do have a couple questions about it, if you don't mind me asking. First, is there a button to bypass groups? Second, with all the features of the MZ-RH1 that are accessed via the remote only, does the 40elk possess the proper buttons to access them? Thanks! Nathan
  3. All I can say is keep one of those other units handy. The RH10 is notorious for being unreliable. I'm currently on my 3rd RH10. My first one had a problem with the volume control and my second unit brought up a menu every time the volume button was pressed or would start playing the track I just finished listening to when pressing FF (very annoying). I'm sure the unreliability is one of the reasons why Sony discontinued the model after only a couple of years (if even that long).
  4. I just received the MZ-RH1 and I know there are some that will not agree with me but though it's a really elegant piece of equipment I don't find it to be as fantastically wonderful as it was made out to be. I personally don't like the fact that many of the playback functions on the RH1 are only available through the remote. The remote is just another piece of equipment I need to carry in my already crowded and heavy pocket with extra minidiscs and microphones. For example, contrary to what many of you who use it to record events I mainly use my units to listen to music and old radio mysteries so just changing the equalizer to fit the sound or to set playback to shuffle mode requires the remote. I wish everything would just be built into the unit. I think there are some very nice things about the unit which are as follows: The size and weight of the unit (wow) The ability to upload old SP minidiscs to my computer (that was so cool the first time I did it) The fact that it keeps the settings that you used to make a recording instead of reverting back to default AGC (one thing I hate about the RH10). If it's set for manual record it stays with that until you change it The timestamping is back The sound! pitch control Things I'm not too thrilled about: Most playback functions must be set through the remote (equalizer, play mode, playback pitch) thus I need to bring it with me. I used to use a remote all the time, but it was just another wire that got tangled with my headphones. Only mini-USB port for power (can't use the auto kit with the mini-plug that I already own), though I guess I can buy a new one (more expense) No external AA battery pack (a universal complaint) Uses expensive batteries (though they're almost as light as a feather) When you make a selection in the menu (such as microphone sensitivity) it reverts back to play/record mode instead of bringing you back to the menu for more changes The screen doesn't scroll what you're listening to (titles), just time/track data, though the VU levels are cool The remote doesn't have the tactile feel of the other remotes so I can use it without looking though with time I'm sure it'll be fine. The 3-line remote is just another $100 expense. (sigh) Since this appears to be the last minidisc to be put on sale (no announcement of a new one officially from Sony so in our eyes it's the last one until otherwise noted) I had no other alternative in minidisc recorder/players. Again, it's a nice piece of equipment, but because of some of the drawbacks it'll remain a household item unless I need to make a recording and I know in advance so I can bring it with me. Too bad because it's so portable. The need for a remote to set playback options, I feel, is a big negative because the options could have been built into the menu system in the main unit. However, that said, I'll play with the unit, get used to it and see how well it fits in with the way I do things. I'm sure in time everything will be fine. As with everything it takes time to get used to the mode of operation.
  5. This may be old news, but it's new to me and I haven't seen it referenced before. The information on it is rather dated, but it's something "new" to read if you don't know about the site. http://highfidelitydigital.blogspot.com/20...-to-mz-rh1.html
  6. Congratulations! My MZ-RH1 from B&H will be arriving in my eager little hands on Friday. I currently use a MZ-RH10, but I'd like to have a backup just in case it dies. Seeing that the RH1 is becoming rarer and rarer in stores I decided that I best buy it now before all supplies dried up.
  7. As some of you are aware I've had problems with my RH10 ranging from skipping music to buttons causing menus to pop up. Well, a lot of you mentioned I should get my unit fixed. One person sent his unit in to get a refurbished model for $29 and ended up with a $77 (or more) charge on his credit card. That incident made me very wary about sending my unit back in. Then I found out my warranty expired on 12/4/06 so I either fixed it or lived with the flaws. I decided to try to get the $29 refurb model. I printed out the sheet that said that it was $29 and I sent the unit in last Friday. Well, I'm happy to say that I got the refurbished unit back today (would have been yesterday if I were home) and I gotta say it's pretty incredible. Not only did I get a refurb unit I got all the accessories I would have gotten in a new unit. For example, I now have a new battery, remote, case, manual, headphones, and best of all, a new 1 gig minidisc. For $29 that was well worth it. So, if your unit is having problems like mine was, definitely send it in to get a refurb. Make sure you print out the sheet that says that you're paying $29 for a refurb model and send that in with your unit or you might be paying $77 or more for service instead.
  8. I went to the outlet store in Gilroy and saw the same price. I was hoping that it would be $99 there too. Oh well. If it wasn't meant to be...
  9. ARGH! My unit worked flawlessly yesterday but today it's skipping like a record needle on record with a cookie crumb jammed between a grove. Irritating!
  10. I just checked http://www.sony.com/walkmansupport/ and it turns out that I can get a refurb exchange for $29. I may end up doing that considering how many problems I've been having with my current unit. However, there's no guarantee that the button problem and laser focusing won't come up again.
  11. Yeah, everyone is right. I have an RH10 (and an R55 if we're keeping count, but there's nothing wrong with that one). The unit was purchased right after Xmas last year, so it's still under the 1 year warranty for parts. Labor is what will cost, according to one person who posted. The unit "fixed" itself, but there's no telling when it'll start acting up again. I'm just wondering if it's worth getting the laser focused or not? If any other person has a working RH10 and is willing to go into the test mode, can you tell me if yours is reporting a laser focus problem too? Thanks Nathan
  12. Howdy, My minidisc went haywire and refused to play any mindiscs. When I popped the disc out and put it back in the flashing "Walkman" was on the screen and nothing else. I tried blowing air into the unit to see if I could clean the laser and other parts thinking that dust was the problem. It didn't help. I ended up just letting it sit there doing its own thing. Suddenly the unit "fixed" itself 5 minutes later. It's worked since then. I then looked up the how to get into the test mode to see if there was a diagnostics screen. I found it and found that the first 2 diagnostics screens showed 00003 or laser focus. Do you think there's a way to fix that without any tools or equipment? Should I pay $100 and get it fixed under Sony "warranty?" What do you think?
  13. Oh man, you get that FF button glitch too? I get that one all the time also. That's especially annoying when trying to go through commercials on a 55 minute show and I'm 45 minutes into the show...then boom, back to the beginning. At least we can pause the show and fast forward very quickly that way. To all those that get the volume control = menu glitch, that was what my first RH10 did right out of the box, so I returned it and got the one I'm currently using. I'm starting to see why Sony might have discontinued this model (along with perhaps the lack of sales on minidiscs in general).
  14. ARGH! My RH10 has decided that the fast forward button that's on the unit, not the remote, is now a reverse button periodically. When I press it to advance to the next song I sometimes find that it starts the previous song now. Man, this RH10 is driving me batty. I'm afraid to send it back to Sony considering that previous post where someone sent his in and they charged him $90 instead of $30. I really like my RH10 but this is starting to get irritating. Is there a way to open the sucker so I can "fix" it myself? I also noticed that on the Sony website that they have the RH910 and the RH1 but not the RH10. Hmmm, I wonder why?
  15. Looks like no profit for me. They're all sold out and they're not expecting anymore to come in. Oh well.
  16. To tell you the truth I didn't think they were THAT popular.
  17. that's what I was thinking. I didn't buy it the moment I saw it because I figured it didn't record or anything like that and the camera was "only" 1.3MP so I'd leave it for someone that would "love it." However, now that I read how everyone is loves theirs perhaps I'll just pick up what I can. I actually like those new green USB players that they just came out with and I was debating whether I should pick one of those up instead of the DH10 since they had both of them in stock. That sentence alone should give you an idea of where I saw the $99 deal since there's only one place you can get a new green Sony USB player.
  18. It was a physical store. So you're saying I should just buy it? I wasn't sure whether I should or not. nope, brand new. It had a card "regularly $259, now $99."
  19. I just saw one at the Sony store for $99!
  20. Thanks for sharing. From what I heard a web display or monitor can only display a 1.3MP image anyway, so it's perfect for displaying on the computer.
  21. I went to the Sony store in San Francisco and they had 3 or 4 different minidiscs. The highest model, though, is the one with the camera at $249. Their HiMD blanks are behind the counter in plain sight. What was interesting was that they had a Sony A100 or whatever the 8GB model is. I would have actually purchased it if it was in any color other than pink, but that's what they had. It's a nice looking and very unique item that I'm sure not many Americans own or, for that matter, seen.
  22. Here-here! I agree 100%
  23. It is starting to sound like it. Isn't the warranty only good for 90 days? I heard so many horror stories about Sony's service that I'm not sure I want to go that route. Such as they'll fix the unit but charge you for the labor. That's not quite what I had in mind when I think of warranty service.
  24. My RH10 has been working pretty well for the past few months, but recently it's taken up rebooting or resetting at random times when walking or gently bumping it. Have any of you experienced this problem? It's really annoying to be jamming to music and suddenly everything stops. If it comes back it's at a point where I initially started a few songs ago. Also, when recording analog signals I've experienced dropouts. The unit is sitting on top of a table and not even moving. Anyone experience this also?
  25. FYI, I thought OneCall was one of the best places to buy anything online. Something was wrong with my RH10 and we called them up. I literally had a new one in hand the next day. Outstanding.
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