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  1. FYI, I was walking on the street the other day and there was a film crew recording something. I noticed the camera was marked Betacam. It appears that Beta is still being used even to this day. I'm sure minidisc will be the same.
  2. Nothing against you, but your statement made me smile because it reminded me of when CD's first came out. People that preferred listening to vinyl would say things like "I can't stand listening to CD's because it sounds like a machine gun going off." They were referring to the pits that carry the music that the laser reads. I wonder what those people listen to now days since almost all music comes on CD?
  3. It's not $184.99 anymore. It's $259. I guess so many people were buying it that they figured they'd raise their prices.
  4. If you want to hear something amazing, get a pair of in-ear microphones from Sound Professionals and record something then play it back through some headphones. You'll be able to pick up exactly where the sound came from.
  5. The writer didn't know anything more than we know. That's why he mentioned that people have stated that it might be the "swan song." I wouldn't hold too much on this guy's word.
  6. Thank you for your reply, Ishiyoshi. If the unit comes with the RM-MC60, though, I think there will be a lot of unhappy people. The other two, though, I think we'd be able to live with since it contains some sort of LCD.
  7. Looks like the play and enter key. The fast forward and reverse are on the ring surrounding the recording button.
  8. Well, we gotta chalk this one up for people's ignorance with minidiscs. An unfortunate event took place this weekend where my car window was smashed in and my 4 year old Garmin GPS unit was ripped out. My RH10 Minidisc was sitting right there with a spare minidisc next to it. The remote was plugged into the cassette adapter plug. When I looked in my car I knew my GPS was gone, however, to my surprise, on the car seat on top of all the broken glass lay my RH10! I guess he didn't think it was worth anything. If it was an Apple Ipod I KNOW it would have been stolen. But something that uses discs? Forget it.
  9. I basically use the pouch the unit comes with. I used it with my R55 for years without a problem (no scratches) and I don't expect the RH10 to fair any differently.
  10. I had the same problem since I got the European program. After reinstalling the program a couple times I just went to the US site and redownloaded the one available there. That "fixed" the Connect Store problem.
  11. How old do you think the current generation of HiMD units are? Why MUST they bring out a new model every single year? The current models are still relatively new. They can use time-stamping, but otherwise they're pretty good machines. I have found bugs in the software that will crash the MD player (moving a MP3 out of a folder and moving it into a different folder using the RH10 and not SS). I found that SS 3.4 will move your songs out of the disc and keep them as a MP3, but try to move those MP3's to a different directory on a different drive. It'll delete the moved files before you even have a chance to do anything with them. Irritating.
  12. I'm pretty sure that is what made Sony so paranoid to begin with. I'm sure they're very nervous about what will happen now that they've lifted the restrictions.
  13. OT: My son is dying to have one of those Aibo dogs. At $2k it just wasn't feasible. Perhaps when they're trying to get rid of stock I'd be able to pick one up. The Aibo was a fantastic toy but too pricey and certainly it wasn't anything that Sony really needed. On the music front, I too think that Sony should get rid of the DRM in their software. Ever since Sony got that music division its been nothing but pain for us.
  14. I've been paying $6.99 for each one.
  15. I think everyone waiting/requesting a new Hi-MD player is a little premature. We need to remember that the MZ-RH10 is still a new model. It's not even a year old. If the unit has been out numerous years, then I'd start worrying that the medium is dying, but that's not the case.
  16. Not sure if it matters, but I normally use a Xitel AN-1, http://www.dansdata.com/xitel.htm, on my laptop. It bypasses the soundcard so it's relatively quiet. I haven't tried the optical one, just the analog one. I'm quite happy with it.
  17. I had that problem the day I unpacked the MD player. I checked the usegroups and apparently others have had the same problem too. I ended up just sending it back and getting a new one. It's been fantastic since. It appears that there's a design flaw in the unit.
  18. Just in case you didn't see this site it's really, really cool. If you click on the MD you want to check out you can actually "play" with the MD unit. http://hi-md.net/ It's a Japanese site, so of course everything is in Japanese, but being able to play with the buttons and stuff are pretty neat. If you don't speak Japanese, like me, then you just need to click around. There's a button called "Audio x Video." Click on that and then choose one of the buttons above that particular button for extra "features." Pretty neat.
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