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  1. Thanks for the information......looks like I'll be uploading again!
  2. I just uploaded 25 songs I recorded on my minidisc to the pc. I didn't realize the pc recording software was set on 32 KHZ. I normally record at 44. I recorded- analoge, realtime through sound card. My question is -Would there be enough difference in the quality to go to the trouble to upload again at 44. I plan to burn the files to CD's. I realize this is very time consuming versus the sonic 3 route. But I've already got these files where I want them and I've got to burn about 20 Cd's for some band members........Thanks!
  3. Xitel MD-Port I/O or Edirol UA- 1A ....I am in search for either one of these softwares for uploading purposes and both have been discontinued. Does anyone know where I can find either software and why would they be discontinued? Is there any comparable software to take their place, software that would do the same job in the same manner? As you know, this software converts analogue to digital while recording from Minidisc to PC. I know about Sonic Stage 3......I would like the Xitel and Idirol question answered first....Thanks!
  4. Thanks for this helpful information and I'll read up on it.....Thanks Again!
  5. I've been using the 3dmp3 sound recorder to upload our band music from the NH1. Haven't found a way to adjust bass & trebble while uploading?? Also, does anyone know if the pc sound card has anything to do with the quality of the files that are then burned to a CD? I'm using Nero6 and have been uploading into mp3, not WAV. I need suggestions on getting the best quality CD burns and more flexibility on overcoming tone and volume problems that occur from time to time. I realize that some of it has to do with the initial recording to the NH1 but I need any suggestions on how to improve the uploading and the cd burns.
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