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    I just got a Sony MZ-RH10 and in the title input "palette" it doesn't have the letters K, L, M, X, Y, Z! What in the hell is up with that? Am I missing something?
  2. So, someone tell me quick, what's the difference between this MZ-NH900 and the MZ-RH10? I just ordered an RH10 but will return it if this NH900 for a better price will do the same job. What are the differences in quality and features? I want a unit for field recording through a stereo microphone. Well, I just tried to order the above good offer and amazon.co.uk doesn't ship electronics to the US. Anyone on here from the UK want to help get it shipped to me? Maybe more trouble than it's worth. Let me know
  3. The Hi MD disk is 45 hours, right? I read somewhere that Hi MD players will record 13 hours on a standard 80 min mini disc. Is that correct? How does that work?
  4. Thanks for that feedback. Now, does recording to PC in real time through the line out and line jacks keep the same quality as the original or does it sacrifice some quality? And what do I record it to? Some kind of audio editing software?
  5. I'm new to field recording. Actually haven't started yet and am trying to figure out what to buy. Can anyone tell me, if I buy a used sony mz-r37 or 50, what will I need to do and have to transfer the recordings to my PC? Will those older models have any problems being compatible with current PC's and software?
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