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  1. Proud, I'm not familiar with that deck itself, but I had an Alpine deck (not MD) years ago that would do the same thing. If the faceplate is detachable, check the contacts between the the plate and the deck itself. If need be, try rubbing the contacts with a pencil eraser to "shine them up". The old Alpine unit would stop making good contact, and this would fix it everytime. Good Luck...
  2. ...wishful thinking perhapz, but if anyone has one to sell, or knows of a source, I'd be interested.
  3. Earlier, I had posted about problems with play back after transfering ~850MB of 192k music to a Hi-MD disc. Today, I transferred those same tunes to the same disc, but as individual groups (i.e. one album at a time) rather than all at once. So far... so good. Playback is perfect. I also noted that someone has posted having the SAME problem with an MZ-NH1, that we are having with the RH-10. http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=18597 Ideas?
  4. This is the same problem some of us have begun to experience with the RH10. See: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=18187 Comspec
  5. I meant SS 4.2... NOT 3.4 (need more coffee)
  6. I'm going to have to agree with the others on disliking remotes. I've tried to make myself like them... I've spent the last 4 days running the remote with my NH900 and even my RH10 (I still can't decide which of them I like the best). I just can't get around how cumbersome all that "wire" feels. Fickle? Maybe... but I can't imagine that it would have been a big leap to include the track info on the display of the RH1. Unfortunately, this is probably going to keep me from buying an RH1... at least for right now. Too bad... I had almost talked myself into parting with the $$. Thanks for the input. I'd welcome some advice on how to deal with the "wire".
  7. OK, I'm confuzzled. Can you or can't you view track info on the RH1...without the use of a remote? If it doesn't display, then how does one find a a particular track for playback? I do only light recording, and use my MD's for playback mostly... so this is a very important feature. I don't care if the track info is displayed during the actual playback... but I'm perplexed as to how you search for a particular tune on a disc. TIA!
  8. I've only used the external battery when recording. Hopefully you'll get some more input on this. Your numbers are very low, and I'd be upset with them too. Battery life is yet ANOTHER reason I chose to move back to MD from iPod.
  9. I have to agree with dex Otaku. Battery life on my RH10 is great. I typically go 3 to 4 days between charges... playing a mix of hisp 256k and LP2 132k recordings roughly 6 hours a day. Mine is the US version, running with the quick mode turned ON. Turning it off extends the batt life even more. ComSpec
  10. My vote is for the RH10. I own both, but to me(and yes opinions vary), the RH10 sounds better. The display is heaps better as well. MP3 playback, I could care less about. People often say the RH10 is bulkier, though I don't see that. The RH10 is a little heavier, but the NH900 is thicker. The RH10 does give up a little... very little on width/height. Dropping the line out on the RH10 was a mistake, but then... I can only think of two occasions that I've ever used the line out option on my other MD players. Guess is depends on what you are gonna do with it. The RH10 brought me back to MD land after the NH900 sent me to iPod hell.
  11. The more I listen to ATRAC3plus @ 64k, the more I like it. Comparing my NH900 to my new RH10... w/tracks encoded the aforementioned format... the RH10 sounds pretty darned good. My question is this: I'm considering converting my ATRAC3 @ 132k library files to ATRAC3plus @ 64k. Is this advisable, or should I re-rip all these CD's using the new format? Tnx one and all.
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