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  1. Basically, I'm wondering what the dubbing speed is if you use PCM. The one thing I like about CDs is that I can burn 80 minutes of music in just a few minutes. I know MD is slower because of the magneto-optical system, but I was wondering how much slower. In other words, how long will it take me to burn a 1GB Hi-MD disc? Sorry if I'm confusing my terms here ...
  2. I'm sorry if this is addressed somewhere else in an FAQ, but I poked around and couldn't find an answer. Does recording in PCM limit the recording speed? Can you only record in real time with PCM? Are there any other limitations with using PCM as opposed to lossy formats? (Other than less available recording space on a Hi-MD disc ... I know about that, and I'm fine with it.) Thanks in advance ... I used to love MDs but got away from them b/c I just didn't like the lossy sound quality and the real-time recording limitations. I've stayed away from Flash/HD players b/c I like to record in lossless and I'd fill up the memory too fast. But I'm getting tired of lugging around CDs and dealing with them getting scratched and such. I just learned about Hi-MD, and I'm pretty excited about it. But I need to learn more!
  3. Hi, all. I gave up on MD technology when it became obvious the U.S. wasn't going to support the format. But now I'm looking to get back in. I've been weighing whether to go with a solid-state portable music player or get a new home MD unit so I can create MDs for my portable MD player. (My home unit died on me some time back.) I'm picky about the quality of my music, and every MP3 I have ever heard sounds like crap. I've fiddled around with WMA files, but I still don't think they sound as good as the music I used to put on my blank MDs. So I'm opting for the MD route. I'd rather carry around a fistful of MDs than use a player that can let me cram 10,000 songs onto a drive, if the sound quality of the 10,000 songs is going to be severely compromised. Anyway, I'd like to find a new home unit and am looking for recommendations. I've been poking around online today and noticed that there are some models that include both a CD and MD and allow 4x speed dubbing. That would be ideal for me -- I'd prefer to copy my CD tracks to my PC's hard drive, burn a CD's worth of WAVs, and then copy the WAVs to MD. Is 4x the fastest currently available? How hard are they to locate in the U.S., and what's the price range? Thanks VERY MUCH in advance for your suggestions! --adrian
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