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  1. Hi, Without a remote, how can I get it to stop after every track then be ready to play the next track when I touch the play button? I want to use it on stage for back tracks and want it to stop after a track so I can talk then start again when I touch play. Thanks, Rock
  2. Ahh haa I see. I thought it may go over as a file. Still, maybe that is in other later models like the 600D HiMD. I use Cool Edit Pro which is great too. Thanks Rock
  3. Thanks Bland10000 I was actually thinking of transferring (Not d/loading - too much computer in my brain) it from the 910 to the pc then transferring it via usb to the 600D. My 910 arrives Monday so will give it a shot if it won't hurt it! Thanks again Rock
  4. Hi. I need it for recording live mainly then downloading to PC etc. It does not have a remote but I have a remote for my Sony MZ-NH600D would it work with the N910? Thanks Rock
  5. Thanks guys for the help.. I am in Sydney OZ and those models were what I found on ebay that are located here in OZ, with prices up to A$250 with the 710 is selling at $250. I unsuspectingly bought a NEW Sony Hi-MD Walkman MZ-NH600D yesterday on ebay before I realised it didn't have a mic in. Seems like a good unit with a 1GB disc but stuck with it now anyway! Now I've found this forum I feel a little more at ease about getting something. I thought regular computer parts were confusing the way they name them but these things.. wow! There is a Sharp Model 702 there but doesn't say what it does.. http://electronics.listings.ebay.com.au/Au...istQQsofocusZbs Any more help greatly appreciated. Rock
  6. Hi, I am new to MD and very confused about the makes and models. The model numbers don't seem to give any indication of what is new etc either. I want one mainly for live mic input and maybe line in from a mixer etc. I also want it to up/download from PC. It seesm the newer models are way out of my economics as I have about $200 only to spend and will accept a used model as long as it does waht I need it to. I have seen these models but not sure which is best.. Sony MZ-N910 Sony MZ N707 MZ 710 MZ R55 Thanks Rock
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