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    22 kHz MP3?

    Hello, I had problems with 22 kps mp3 files. Here's the easy fix (without erasing the mp3): in the transfer window of SONICSTAGE 3.4 (3.2 and before will not do it) press on the small toolcase (transfer mode settings) and choose "specified bit rate" set it to 48 kps for podcast et voila. the conversion is twice as long as simple transfer, but at least it's a one-button process. SHarry
  2. Hello, Just a quick update on using a NW-E507 on TWO computers with SonicStage 3.4. I've worked on it for 3 days solid but finally got a a solution: I found a completely WEB-FREE SonicStage all-in-one file 40 Megs installer (from a board dedicated to Sony midi-disk if I remember correctly, sorry I don't have the link anymore). And since even that installer wanted to access the net for some reason, I unplug my modem during installation! Result: I can use my walkman on my two computers with having to "erase it all" when I switch computer. And without, obviously since I'm in Canada, having to "authorize" anything with the Connect Store. Only "scare" I had recently: the dreaded "erase all files in your device" appeared on one of the computer once for no obvious reason, but, ouf!!!, restarting SonicStage made it go away! Plugging my walkman to my computers is now a great source of thrill everytime: "Will it work this time ??", scarier than ANY roller-coaster ride I've experienced. All that said, I am very happy with SS 3.4, and having played with iTunes recently, I like the way it manage tracks better. + the walkman itself is perfect engineering. Just my 2 cents. End of the "two computers" saga! SHarry
  3. Sorry about that. I will not do it again. SHarry
  4. BUT SOnicStage 3.4 Will NOT let you plug your walkman on a second computer running SonicStage. Your ONLY option (in "Connect-free" Canada...) is to ERASE ALL files on the device before connecting. That's bad. That's beyond bad.
  5. The Canadian version ask for erasing all files on the walkman when I plug it on my second computer (and "authorizing" is impossible from Canada, by the way). Same for the Asia-Pacific version. Even the all-in-one version (without "Net download") SonicStage does the same. SONY Canada help feedback (very quickly) sent me a link to "How to authorize on Connect" ignoring completely my comment that it is impossible to do so from Canada. It's bad. Very bad. I guess I'll have to live with MP3FileManager and an MP3 conversion tool for the MPEG2 22 kHz files. That's bad. How can Sony expect ANYONE to buy another mp3 reader from them after all that abuse ???? Beats me.
  6. Hmmm, I just found out on SONY site that there is a CANADIAN version of SOnic Stage 3.4.. Since I'm in Canada, I'll give that version a try...
  7. In SonicStage version 3.3 and up if your device is not "authorized" and you connect it to ANOTHER computer, you have to ERASE ALL the files on your walkman before uploading anything on it from the second computer. Sounds stupid right ? Well, that's how it is!!! Now I'm ready to go along with this "authorizing" business (my files are legit and I don't 'share' them), but on one computer SonicStage 3.4 DOES NOT offer me to "authorize" my device. Both computer have the same SonicStage 3.4 and the same operating system, Windows XP. What can I do then?
  8. Hello, I have a SONY NW-E507 that I use daily on TWO different computers. All was good and well with SonicStage 3.2. BUT, I had to update to SonicStage 3.4 to upload low bitrate mp3 files daily from the net. Now, my problem is that to use multiple computers I have to AUTHORIZE the device with Sony (...!). OK, so be it. On one computer all is well. But on the other (both are laptop running Windows XP in Canada), I cannot access to any authoriza menu on the Device/media info (only shows free space on the "empty" device. Authorizing is not "greyed out" it is NOT there) So, my question is: How can you authorize a device when SonicStage 3.4 does not offer you to authorize a device ??? Of course, if the device is only authorized on ONE computer I'll to empty it all EACH time I change computer. Which is, at least, very cumbersome... ???
  9. SonicStage 3.4 solved my problem: it converted MPEG2 files "on-the-fly" (via "transfer mode settings") in ATRAC3 before uploading to the walkman. All is good now! By the way, I use the free software "Juice" to retrieve the "podcasted" mp3, is the a more "SONY-friendly" program out there ? (SonicStage can't read XML RSS mp3 casting pages, right ?) SheriffHarry
  10. Hello, I have a simple problem, and already a complicated solution. I'm looking for a simpler solution! I get daily mp3 files from a radio "podcast". I want to listen to them on my NW-E507. The files are MPEG-2 layer 3 MP3 files with a very low bitrate (32kps). They don't play "as is" on the Walkman. (After transferring I get "Cannot Play") The workaround I found: In SonicStage 3.2, I have to... 1- import the mp3 files 2- convert them to ATRAC3+ (30+ minutes!) 3- delete the mp3 files via Music library-Preferences, one by one. 4- up load the ATRAC files to my walkman. It works, but it's long and cumbersome... I have not been able to locate the "old" MP3 converter software from Sony... I have not yet tried Sonic Stage 3.4, because I've not read anything about any new helpful features. I want to: Find a simpler-faster way of uploading the MPEG-2, low bitrate files on my walkman. Any ideas ? Thanks! SheriffHarry (S. Truman)
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