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  1. OK...let me clarify...I have the wall charger that comes with the A1000. I guess all I'm asking is if I have the device plugged in and charging there should be no worry about the device running down during the night...Yes or No. Thnaks again! Red
  2. I plan on using my A1000 to supply the music at an upcoming wedding. I will be using the player's "line out" into a mixer. Between cocktails and dancing after dinner, I expect to need about 9 hours of power. My questions are: 1) Provided I take all necessry measures to maximize the battery life (no screensaver, low brightness...) can I expect to get 9 hours out of it. The tracks are ATRAC3+ 256. Is using "line out" easier on the battery? 2) I thought I wouldn't have to worry about the battery if I plugged in the player using the AC wall charger while the player was in use but i seem to recall in another thread that this does nothing to recharge the battery while the player is in use? I couldn't find anything in the manual. Is this true? Are we all doomed to an evening of "Charades" when the thing craps out at 11PM? Thanks, Red
  3. The point about DRM being about locking the consumer into a platform as opposed to piracy, illegal sharing... is spot on !! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/5203146.stm
  4. To respond to Lamewing's dilemma. The A1000's are going for between $200 and $250 Cdn in ebay. My problem is a mirror image of yours. I have the A1000 but cannot access the Sony Connect store in the US to purchase music.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but the edit capabilities for playlists on the device is still lacking. I don't mean the add/delete functions but I'm pretty sure that in SS3.4 you could re-arrange the track order of a playlist on the device using drag and drop. Like CP 1.04, I guess you have to make the changes in the library, delete the old playlist on the device and re-transfer.
  6. 1) Do you have to/recommend initializing the device (NW-A1000) before plugging into SS CP for the first time? 2) Is the download of 4.0 a full install or will it upgrade SS 3.4? Thanks!
  7. Like the description says, I can't seem to add/delete tracks in my CP playlists and have the device synch the changes as it used to in SS 3.4. I have to make the changes in CP and then transfer the entire list to the device so I end up with 2 playlists on the device instead of 1 modified list. Now everytime I want to edit a playlist I have to delete the existing one on the device and re-transfer. Is there something in my CP settings thats preventing this?
  8. TrueNorth

    Non DRM MP3's

    I have a NW-A1000. I believe I can only download non-DRM MP3's. With the most popular sites (iTunes, Napster, Yahoo...) all being DRM I'm prettyy much out if luck. Is this correct? Are there any reputable sites for downloading tracks out there? P.S. I'm in Canada so Sony Connect store is not an option. Why they would sell a player in a market and not allow access to the store is beyond me ! Thanks.
  9. Do I have to enable the "full synch" mode on CP for this to happen?
  10. Does CP allow me to add tracks to an existing playlist already loaded on to my A1000? Am I correct in assuming that if I revise a playlist in CP I then have to send the entire list to the A1000 (so I now have 2 lists - List A and List A + revisions on the A1000) instead of CP just adding/subtracting the tracks from the existing A1000 playlist. Wasn't this functionality available in SS? Thanks Red
  11. TrueNorth

    My NW-A1000 Saga

    Fellow ATRACer's Bought a new A1000 off eBay about a month ago. The player rocks! Connect , even with the latest update....not so much. I'm using SS 3.4, have the 2.01 firmware update but have only ripped CD's so far. Everything cool in terms of transfer to device, SS playback.... I'm ready to start purchasing online and because I'm in Canada, the Connect store is not an option. I want alot of variety so I'm looking at Napster or Yahoo. Both use WMA's and I know Napster's are Windows Media DRM. I'm not sure about Yahoo. My Questions: With the latest firmware, my device supports WMA but does it support WMA DRM? Do I have to find a site with MP3's only? Remember Sony Connect store is a no go. Any other site suggestions. I assume I have to use the music site's engine to download the song and then import using SS from the hard drive file? Any and all advice would be appreciated! Thanks, CANADA
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