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  1. I have an MZ-R700, and I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but I stopped using it altogether, though it looks great. I am a songwriter, had 80 new songs on there, and went to record a new one, and zpppp, it lost all of the songs. That's a real loss, you know. I've tried it again with different discs, but to a lesser and safer degree, and it doesn't take long before it loses whatever I've recorded before. I have a feeling it's a TOC issue for some reason. I think it's cutting itself off before it finishes the toc, but I'm not sure of that, and have no idea why it would do it. So, this pretty little piece of junk is just sitting there. This has happened since I bought it new, but I didn't have time to return it, and at first I thought it was something I was doing, or that I used a couple of older discs someone gave me, but it happens with new discs, even when I'm super careful. But... it records fine part of the time, and plays back older discs with no problems. Any ideas? Thanks, DFC
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