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  1. I've got a black Sony MZ-RH10 (US) on eBay right now. It comes with the RM-MC33EL and Sony's protective case with armband. Starting bid is $124.99, and the BuyItNow price is $200.00. My eBay username is: zark-off. Here's the link: SONY Minidisc MZ-RH10 Hi-MD mp3 player/recorder used
  2. I was just reading that with the new capabilities, it may be possible to boot Windows from within OS X and run any Windows programs flawlessly. But... that sounds too good to be true. AND I know nothing about computers. I'll look for the related links.
  3. What are the implications regarding Hi-MD (i.e. SS and Simple Burner) in light of the new Apple/Intel partnership? Are there any?
  4. Right. I get it. What I'm saying is that I don't understand why you are not given the option to rip CD's in LP2 to Hi-MD's (and MD's formatted to Hi-MD) using Simple Burner. It doesn't make sense. That's all. The intermediate step in Sonicstage is an unnecessary and puzzling inconvenience. Don't mean to moan. I just thought maybe someone on here might know of some hack to enable LP2 transfer to Hi-MD in Simple Burner. Guess not.
  5. Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, Simple Burner doesn't give you the option of encoding in Atrac3 for Hi-MD. You can only select from Atrac3+ codecs.
  6. No. Hi-MD is compatible with Atrac3. Unfortunately you need to rip the files from CD to Sonicstage first, choosing at which bitrate you wish to convert the files. LP2 at 132 kps is an option, as is LP4 at 66, I believe (and there is a middle ground at 105 kps). At any rate, audio files CAN be transferred to Hi-MD at LP2 and LP4. You cannot, however, record in analog or optical mode in anything other than Atrac3+. My line of thinking is simply that I don't understand LP2 and LP4 formats have been made to be DIFFICULT and INCONVENIENT in Hi-MD... Simpleburner need not have only 4 options. (Btw, I'm very surprised that this isn't a great annoyance to far more people. ) (Also, I apologize for the typo. I did not mean to say in my initial post: "Why must we rip to Sonicstage and THEN transfer to CD?" but rather "Why must we rip to Sonicstage and THEN transfer to Hi-MD?")
  7. Why is it that Sony have, in Hi-MDs, disabled the function that allows you to rip audio CD's directly to MD in LP2 and LP4 formats? Why must we rip to Sonicstage and THEN transfer to CD? Is there not a hacked version of SS/SB out there that allows you to rip music directly to Hi-MD in LP2 or LP4 without using SS as an intermediary? This is project I would get behind as I prefer LP2 to both Hi-LP (quality) and Hi-SP (quantity), and the inconvenience of the SS intermediate step is wearing me out. Ugh! Once again: Why the unnecessary limitations, Sony!
  8. i just recklessly bid on a 33el on ebay for my U.S. RH10. are these two machines compatible? i did a search on here but came up with nothing. also, the remote guide doesn't say one way or another. ugh. and it's shipping from england for 8 pounds. thanks!
  9. Hmm... I'll think on that. Thanks!
  10. Thank you all for your input, advice, insights, etc... I'm thinking of the following process for vinyl archival: 1. Vinyl --> Hi-MD @ PCM 2. PCM --> wav 3. wav --> FLAC 4. FLAC --> CD-R I've got to go read up on FLAC now. Thanks again!
  11. Volta, what's this FLAC you're talking about? And can it be used for archiving vinyl? I just figured that MD would be the easiest way to archive vinyl... No?
  12. You can use LP2 with HI-MDs? When I use Simple Burner, I only receive 4 options: 48k, Hi-LP, Hi-SP, and PCM... Can I rip CD's to MD using SonicStage? Hm.. I'm intrigued.
  13. I've been fooling around with my U.S. RH10, and after much experientation with custom EQ settings and varying compression rates, I've resigned myself to the unhappy fact that Hi-LP's sound quality isn't sufficient. And, boy, how I've tried to convince myself otherwise! So here's what I'm getting at: 1. Is Hi-MD *actually* a more worthwhile format than MDLP? 80 minute discs are at least 6 times cheaper than the 1 GB discs, and 6xLP2 > 1xHi-SP in terms of storage volume. So, dollar for dollar, LP2 is a far better bargain. 2. Can Hi-MD units be hacked for a compression rate somewhere between Hi-LP and Hi-SP? 3. What are your opinions on the the sound qualiy of the Hi-MD compression rates? A friend of mine (with an NH1) questions my sanity for my dissatisfaction with Hi-LP. Overall, I realize I'll need to buy 4x as many Hi-MD discs now to archive my music collection (CD/vinyl). Ugh!
  14. Yes, I have also used the 40elk with the U.S. RH10, and the three-line display was visible. As for the 35elk, I'm very surprised that the 2-line display isn't working. Isn't this the remote that is supplied with the Japanese RH10?
  15. I can only find these headphones (Audio Technica ATH-F55) on Minidisco for $60. Minidisco tends to charge a bit more for their products, so... Does anyone know of another retailer? Thanks.
  16. I transferred about 100 mp3's (24 kpbs) to an 80 minute Memorex MD with my U.S. RH10. Unfortunately, when attempting to play back the files, the display simply read "Cannot Play." This is not awesome. I was really hoping to get started on my German lessons.
  17. I'm sorry that I can't answer your question, but maybe you could answer mine... ? Are you able to scroll through songs/groups with the 35elk before selecting a song/group? Like with the jog dial on the rh10 itself... Thanks and good luck with your query!
  18. Is there any way to set this as the default play mode? It seems that the player resets itself to Normal play whenever a new disc is inserted. My only previous experience with the Group function was on the N505, and that player would stay in Group play until manually changed. Thank you!
  19. Thanks for your help... Much appreciated.
  20. I apologize for the double post!
  21. Hi. I know there is a resource on the site related to all kinds of MD remotes. I've read about the MC55ELK, and it seems incredible. I just have a few questions about this model: 1. Is it available from a U.S. retailer? I've seen it only on ebay from Chinese retailers. It sells for about 70 bucks "But It Now" plus 30 shipping! And it seems to come only in white. I'd love a black one for my U.S. RH10... 2. Are you able to scroll through groups/songs without selecting them for playback? You know, does it have a jog dial? The pictures and the descriptions I've found are unclear. 3. Does the MC55ELK come with the Japanese RH10? Thanks for your help!
  22. valurot

    Etronics Rh10

    Thanks, Jadeclaw!
  23. valurot

    Etronics Rh10

    Do you work for Etronics? I realize that what I received is a *complete* package. You're right. The U.S. model for the RH10 does not include the stand or remote. The description and picture on the Etronics website, however, promise to provide a remote and charging stand. The *errors* in the description are that the RH10 has a HD digital amp and comes with a USB cradle. Of course, the most unpardondable error is that Etronics was made aware of the differences between what they were selling (in good faith) and what they were shipping, and they did nothing about it except raise the price by ten dollars. Whether I keep the player or not, I will make known my dissatisfaction to them. I do not "expect them to send [me] a remote, stand, etc." - in fact, I don't even expect a response.
  24. valurot

    Etronics Rh10

    Thanks for your help everyone. Jadeclaw: How do I make a screen shot? SJames5848: How did you find a phone number for etronics? I couldn't find it ANYWHERE... also, I may take you up on the saved emails. Etronics will be hearing from me!
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