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  1. Hi, I am totally confused with Sony's SonicStage software. I hate a moment, when I have decided to buy HiMD RH10 instead of iRiver. Now go ahead with describing my problem: 1) I can't install SS3.1, because I have only internet connection in my work. So I have tried both installers for SS31. Official Sony installer is not compatible with our MS ISA server, so I cant install it on my computer at work. Kurisu's MDCF instalation cannot be installed, because installation halted on forgotten WMP9 audio codecs. So I have SS3.0 installed from CD enclosed to my himd player 2) I have ripped some files from audio cd to mp3 format. All files were created in the same time with same codec and bitrate. But when I have tried import mp3 files from disk, 12 tracks were imported succesfully, but other 9 tracks were imported to "any artists" folder.When I tried to transfer these files to HiMD, SS30 wrote error message: "Cannot transfer files:" and lists 9 tracks from "any artists" folder. What can I do with this my problem ? Thank you for any advice.I like my RH10, but I dont like SS software. Bye
  2. Hi Damage, what is a name of software for converting mp3 or wav to oma, which you mentioned above ? You think SS3.1 ? Or any other software ? I tried found it, but with no results Thank you
  3. )) No , I am sorry, I forgot the most important thing: I did not heard any differences between Mp3@256 and Atrac3+@256
  4. ...and some pictures ....... 1) atrac3+ 256 kbps 2) mp3 256kbps 3) original wav file
  5. I have tried some test with one track from Evita, Mp3 and atrac3+, both with 256 kbps bitrate. Selection of Mp3 codec is very important, i used original Fraunhofer Mp3 codec and result were very good for Mp3(). But with other mp3 codecs, higher frequencies were missed. Total result for me is: I will create mp3s,because i can move theme shrough many pcs, i want. Total curve from frequency alnalysis in SonicStage was the same for Fraunhofer Mp3 and Atrac3+. Bye Valta
  6. Hi, in my hope opinion you can free copy your or other mp3 files to himd recorder many times you want, but you can't copy them back to pc to original file format. So if you have files on hd or cd, you can use himd recorder well. You can transfer mp3 files to himd only through SonicStage sofware, no other way yet Only to 2nd generation of himd may be mp3 files transfered directly(rh10,rh910), if you have 1st generation himd you need transcode files to Atrac3+ Bye Valta
  7. Hi, very tkanks all of you. First I will try error correction in SS on my notebook, I hope it should be all right. If a problem will still persist, I will rip all tracks to my usb hd and then encode on my notebook Have a nice day
  8. Hi, I have a big problem, I am think. Last week I tried to rip tracks from Audio CD to oma files (atrac 3+). But here was a many gaps and ticks, I assume that my cdrom drive in my notebook is not suitable for ripping. I tried to take this audio cds to my work and I have ripped them here. Sound is OK, no gaps and other bad sounds, so I have copied these files to my USB flash disk, move them to my notebook at home and tried to transfer to HiMD. It is not possible ! Is this correct ? I have bought this original cd, I am owner and I can't make oma files and transfer them onto HiMD. I like this my new MD machine (rh10), but it looks, that only way to move files from pc to pc is convert to MP3 and don't use ATRAC with better sound but useless for me. Any other ideas ?
  9. I have a similar question, I am from EU, and certainly I have a model without LCD on remote, but I would like to have one. I have not found MC-35EL(K) on ebay, but if i will find remote control, there will be no way to buy through paypal, because here are nothing compatible with paypal in my country I have tried contact bargaining4all, but no answer was sent to me So I called regional Sony centre, and I can buy remote control, but only for models, which were shipped in our country (but i can't a remote control for RH10, because they will send me the same remote control without lcd, which i have). So I have found, that the remote control MC-35 (i want this), had been shipped with N10,NE810,NE910. I don't know, if these models were shipped in EU and if there was a remote control, which I would like to buy. Can you tell me, please, any other models with MC-35EL, which were shipped into EU. How look EU N10 model, exist as a light version for EU (like a RH10)? Thanks
  10. Hi all in MDCF, I have a problem with SonicStage. Because I am behind an ISA firewall, I can't use Gracenote cddb server for tagging, so I have two questions: 1) is any possibilty to rip cd da tracks without sonicstage (e.g. use CDEx or other CDDA extracting tools) ? 2) is any possibilty in SonicStage to use other than gracenote cddb (e.g. freedb.org) or set authentication for ISA based proxy servers ? Thank you for any advice
  11. Hi, do you know, who will pay the shipping and insurance from Europe ? If all the costs will pay Sony, it will be OK, but if we have to pay an extra approximately about 30$ or more for this, it will not be possible for me, too expensive.
  12. I have the same problem, after applying firmware hack(region 24) I have 2 custom eqs, but max volume is the same Any idea ? AVLS is off, certainly
  13. IMHO has atrac with the same bitrate as mp3 sound with more quality, so i will record my recording in PCM or Atrac. It will be ok, because our concerts is approximately about 2,5 hours with pause in mid. So I can change media (HiMD) and go with PCM recorrding.
  14. Hi, I am sorry of my question (and of my terrible English, of course ), but I have heard, that MZ-RH10 could record in Mp3 (but only with 128kbps bitrate). I have been searching this posibility in REC Settings, but here is only ATRAC options for recording. My question is: Is it true, that RH10 can record in mp3 format ? Thank you for your suggestions. P.
  15. Hi, yesterday I received RH10 unit(similar as rh910) and I think, that the battery is the same as a battery in rh910. But: in accesories bundled with my unit was AA attachable pack, so i think that it will be bundled with rh910 too. My unit is Europe version
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