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  1. Hi, I'm looking at Shure headphones - my Shure e2c's which I was very happy with have broken, and I'm a bit spoilt for choice - Amazon's pricing is amazing! Is there any difference between the Shure E4C-G and the Shure E4C-N headphones? - there's about a £100 difference but other than that I can't seem to find anything about the new "Gaming Edition"...
  2. I posted this, and then I saw the "Best under $100" thread again and thought damn why did I post, wasting everyone's time! I'm gonna go for the Shure e2c's my Karma's got a full EQ (5 band parametric!) Cheers for looking btw .
  3. Hi, I'm currently getting Shure e2c's (as in, that's what I was going to order yesterday) but I remembered from when I had a Minidisc Hi-MD (it broke, I've got a Rio Karma now) that the 'phones people here were really smart about 'phones! Do you reckon these (Shure e2c's) are my best choice (considering my £70 budget - I found e2c's for under £50)? I listen to Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, a bit of punk and some emo and indie too! Thanks muchos! The (not so) wyzewun
  4. Yeah I was curious about passwords too, so I checked out Invision's site and found this: Critical Security Flaw It's been fixed now, but it "may allow moderators to moderate forums that they do not have permission to moderate.". I'm not sure what power's mods have - sure they can view our email addresses, that's expected, but I'm not sure if they can view our passwords (hopefully not). Any mod could answer this probably. Not sure if the bit about moderating other forums means they can moderate any forum on the net running Invision Power Board, or just different sections of the same forum :S. EDIT: And I'm not blaming this site btw!!
  5. [sparly191]Got that spam too. Unusual for me to get it too. Time to change emails again.. sigh.[/sparky191] Hi, I'd recommend you do what I do; buy a domain name and setup a catchall address (very simple) then when registering at sites give them from.sitename@yourdomain.com, it makes them really easy to block (assuming you're using Thunderbird on Windows, or Evolution/Thunderbird on Linux). If you want to carry on receiving email from all your friends at your other address, as long as it's an IMAP or POP3 account you should be able to redirect it to your new address, and Evolution can do scanning before it downloads emails fully (not quite sure how), I'd recommend setting it to accept emails addressed from: anyone on your safelist i.e. your friends and the newsletters you actually want. I haven't changed my email address for about 5 years now, so whenever I do get some spam (not very often) I have time to find out who's sending it to me and how they got my address! In fact I received compensation from Halifax Business Banking after they put me on a CC: list, and I subsequently got that awful Viagra spam! so it's deffinetely good knowing where every email should have come from!
  6. Hi, When I sign up for a website, I put my email address as website name @ my domain.com - i've been doing this for years because I have a catchall address (means anything sent to my domain comes to me) and it lets me track where spammer's get my email address (and also lets me block them by blocking that particular To: address). So when I received some spam address to minidiscforums I was abit annoyed; I always set my preferences to "Hide my other email address from other members". Here's the spam I received by the way: From: Tdpitus <king@catlover.com> To: minidiscforums@ (my email address) Subject: re:your resume Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 01:29:46 +0800 (Wed, 18:29 BST) Hello. edict salad chief fool ([i]this line was written in white to trick spam blockers)[/i] We have found your resume on Job web site, and would like to offer you vacancy in our company. If you interests, more detailed information you can receive on ours web site: [url=http://www.****.us/]http://www.****.us/[/url] ( please send us email for more information ) vacancy-Miller@1chuan.com nab lace inept mba [i](this line was written in white to trick spam blockers)[/i] We look forward to your reply. errand bids flown choir [i](this line was written in white to trick spam blockers)[/i] Thank you. Best regards, Miller & Morgans inc. My comments in italics. I've received other spam too, probably about 10 different ones all addressed to minidiscforums @ my domain.com So if my details were hidden, either Minidisc forums are selling our details (very unlikely), or there's a security hole in Invision Power Board (which this forum runs on), or most likely, when this site was hacked into a little while ago all our details were stolen, and subsequrntly sold on / distributed. Other repurcussions are that alot of us probably use the same logon and password at multiple sites; you might want to change your passwords (unless Invision encrypts that data securely? - perhaps a Forum Admin could answer that). Thanks for reading, I'm not blaming Minidisc forums btw, I'm just making you aware of this as yet unknown repercussion of the break-in's (and I hope Invision does encrypt login details!). EDIT 20/07: I got some more spam, so I'm back to see what I can do about it. I just did a WHOIS lookup at Register.com against each of the domain's I've received spam from. They're all registered to Gerald Gorman (gerald.gorman@att.net, tel 9086960929, maybe he's the guy who hacked into the forums? Check for yourself, here's all the domain's I've had spam from: Catlover.com Representative.com Tokyo.com Actually the last one is owned by Ultimate Email.com, a webmail provider. It asked me to give 1-206-338-3737 a call and ask for Joshua Otero: Mom-Mail.com Here's the email: From: Joshua Otero <jtsxr7@mom-mail.com> To: minidiscforums <minidiscforums@my domain.com> Subject: outermost message from Joshua Otero Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 22:15:08 +0000 (EDT) (23:15 BST) Hi, surname University Diplomas No required tests, classes, books, or interviews. Please call: 1-206-338-3737 indwell bison refection travail implicate larkspur coulomb anamorphic shanghai forbade dim tart, supposition adjudicate iv bergson wavelet metabolic quetzal busch convince ronald airborne deportation .trifle bandy creosote hurty paterson superfluous expectorate bygone whish bandstop! atmosphere homeomorph. monologist dormitory infinitum gymnasium ode ransack. elisha kochab remus scream. Your Joshua I'm going to try and find out more about this Gerald guy... well I just noticed the domains are full of random adverts, all in the same style, looks like this is deffinetely the guy spamming me. OK I'm gonna see if I can track him down... well he's incorporated in New Jersey as NJ Domains inc, supposedly. I'm not American though so Google's not showing me search results relevant to American's like what I need. OK I'll use Yahoo, that's dumb enough to give me results that'd normally be useless to me... OK I couldn't find the American equivalent of Companies House (http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/) but I did find a department to ask, hopefully they'll get back to me with some useful info. There's laws in the US against spamming, I'm quite certain I could sue Gerald. Well, he sure owns a lot of domain names!: http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q...earch&meta= That's a line off the site (that's duplicated on each of his domains) so I'm sure a WHOIS on any of them would turn up Gerald Gorman. EDIT: Looks like Gerald Gorman is the name all the addresses relating to Mail.com are registered to, so maybe he's not the culprit. Damn. Found him! According to various sites, this is the work of one Robert Soloway, so reknowned a spammer there's a Wiki page about him (probably because Microsoft sued him successfully for spamming hotmail users!), here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Soloway Well, looks like he's a bit out of my league if he's that well-known. Nonetheless, perhaps this could help law-enforcement prove he buys email addresses for the purpose of sending unsolicited email. <B>EDIT: 4AM</B> Don't worry, I'm usually up til 6 (and then I wake up at 10; who needs sleep ). Anyway, I've just posted over at SpamCop's forums on the legal side of this, here.
  7. Hi I've got Sonicstage 3.2 (I've tried it both from here and from Connect's site) and despite repeatedly uninstalling it and reinstalling it it continues to tell me the database is corrupt or missing. I press OK and then it says do I want to make a new one or close, so I tell it to make a new one and nothing happens. I'm running WinXP Pro SP2 and here's what I've tried already: Last time I reinstalled it I: Uninstalled it all in Add/Remove Programs (inc SimpleBurner, OpenMG Limited Patch, Add-on something or other, another OpenMG one and Sonicstage itself), then I went into Disk Cleanup and deleted all my temp and internet temp and internet files and cookies, then I went into \docs&settings\all usrs, family and default usr and within each of them went into app data\sony corp and deleted everything. Then I restarted, and reinstalled MDAC (remember I have SP2 so no need to download) by going into \win\inf\mdac.inf right clicking and telling it to install, then browsing to the winxp sp2 disc in the drive (legit copy) and letting it reinstall. Then I restarted and went to connect store, registered from scratch and downloaded the s/w, restarted again and tried to load it and it still said "Cannot Find the Database file, or the database is corrupted. Click OK to recover the database. Click Cancel to exit the program". I've tried both, obviously Cancel just gives me the same error next time I open it, and OK takes me to another msg "Cannot recover the database file. Click OK to copy an empty database file. Click Cancel to exit the program." If I press Cancel and then re-open the program, click OK again I get this msg again, and if I press OK I notice in Task Manager (running alongside for monitoring) that nothing happens, but SsDbConnection, SSScsiSV and SSAAD (I'm pretty sure these are the processes relating to SS) do nowt, and nothing happens. Even if I end process all them and reset SS I get the same error. Can anyone help?
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