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  1. Unfortunately i was WAY TOO DRUNK!! I literally could not stand up! Alcohol abuse is not fun let me tell you. Hope y'all had better nights than i did. Happy new year!!
  2. I't actually as PSPouch, not PSPtouch, a typo i think After seeing how smart my HD5H looks dressed in it's leather i'm considering ditching my uninspiring 4gamers flight case and getting a leather one for PSP too, however this is certainly not the one. As has already be said it does look rather a like a handbag! not for me i'm afraid (ot that i could afford if it it weere )
  3. Too many to list today! I have been all over my HD5H, with my pmx200 'phones, really not a fan of the EX81's i also got today though. I have also been using PSPRadio since i now have wireless aroud the house. If Wifi was widerspread i could see a market for portable internet radio streamers, maybe in the future.
  4. Frames with what? Presumably the display screen for sony's new flah players??
  5. Man, it's 1.38 AM here perhaps i should be sleeping...but instead... Way Out West don't - Don't Look Now 01 Anything But You 02 Don't Forget Me 03 Everyday 04 Apollo 05 Chasing Rainbows 06 Fear 07 Coming Home 08 Just Like a Man 09 Killa 10 Northern Lights 11 Melt 12 Absinthe Dreams Many are postuing music which i've not heard of, so i found this mini reveiw thingy so you can get a better idea of what i'm listening to. ‘Don’t Look Now’ glides from the staccato kick-drum and yearning vocals of upcoming single, ‘Anything But You,’ to the epic space age poignancy of ‘Everyday.’ Luscious soundscapes shift gracefully from the textured balearia of ‘Chasing Rainbows’ to the main room dirty odyssey of ‘Killa’ through to rollicking bongo twists and mangled basslines on ‘Fear.’ “It just came out of a mad jamming session we did with our drummer, Damon. He used to be in Echo and The Bunnymen and has a tendency to rock-out every now and again. But we don’t talk about that,” laughs Jody @ishiyoshi - Is that the same film 'monster that BT also released a soundtrack to? Can't say i've heard the album though, but his 1997 ESCM album is pretty amazing.
  6. I think i have 2mb broadband. It's around 200kb/s down and about 25kb/s up (yeah upload is terrible)
  7. Playing GTA:Liberty City Stories. I want an infrastructure online game though (Just got Wireless in home) Any recommendations?
  8. Atrac on a non sony device?? Either thery are finally trying to expand it or they have sold it off, hmmmmm..... It also raises the question of whether or not it will bundled with SS/ Connect or some FOMA software (We may get a SS alternative!)
  9. I really hate neckband cords too, the shorter side cartries all of the weight of the cord making them uncomfortable and also pulling it out of your ear. The only advantage of a neckband is when you don't actually have them in your ears you can hang them around your neck. Other than that i don't see why so many earphones force it upon us.
  10. Richard_p

    Sony "eco info"

    Good one Sony. Nice to see you care, i'd be surprised if they're the obnly comnpany doing so, however, also i bet using recycled materials may also cut costs for them.
  11. Deeper Shades Of Euphoria Vol. 2 (CD1), Atrac3plus 192kbs Disc: 1 1. Slacker - Looky Thing [imagineer] 2. Various - The Last Of The Mohicans: Main Title 3. Dido - Here With Me [Rollo’s Chillin With The Family Mix] 4. Sonz Of A Loop - Da Loop Era Far Out [Jamie White Chilled Mix] 5. Garbage - Milk [Rabbit In The Moon Mix] 6. Michael Woods - Trancscape 7. Modal - You’re Not Alone [Deep Desert Mix] 8. Mirco De Govia - Voller Sterne [Album Version] 9. Ashtrax - Helsinki [Ambient Mix] 10. Christina Aguilera - Beautiful [Peter Rauhofer Remix] 11. Slacker - Looky Thing [Eye Eye] 12. Kosheen - All In My Head [Planet Funk Remix] 13. Faithless - Take The Long Way Home [Drivers Powerpack Mix] 14. Greed Feat. Lesley Strange - Strange World [Lemon8 ‘Inner Sanctuary Session’ Remix] 15. Private - Taste First [Ashtrax Ambient Mix With Drums] 16. Leama & Moor - Shades Of Red 17. The Digital Blonde - Mooga [Mandrake Cool 130 Mix] 18. Synergy - Pacifier 19. Howard Jones - Revolution Of The Heart [Dba Mix] A mixed bag of unusual remixes, uplifting,depth and ambience. A great listen overall.
  12. Justs aw this topic on Head-fi, so thought i'd create one here. Seen any other people with discerning taste in headphones lately then? What i have seen out and about is MDR-V300, MDR-ED21, and some Sennheiser PX100. This is reassuring because i own each of them (have pmx200 though not 100). What about others?
  13. I have that album, isn't the case just confusing.
  14. @ Ascariss: 27. Hard-Fi - Hard to Beat (Axwell Remix) TUNE!! Absolutely love it, so bouncy youcan't help but move along to it. My Vaio selected the following for me today, whilst out shopping, gotta love group shuffle, so many tracks and you don't even have to make the decisions Blue Amazon: Javelin 1 Intro (2:25) 2 Never Forget (10:29) 3 Searchin' (14:22) 4 Runner (5:58) 5 Javelin (12:47) 6 Paradise Regime (2:13) 7 No Other Love (11:26) 8 And Then the Rain Falls (11:34) 9 4 Seasons Cream: Future Trance 1. James Holden - Solstice 2. Dejure - Sanctuary (Starecase Remix) 3. Moby - We Are All Made Of Stars (DJ Tiësto's Edited Dub) 4. Romanthony's Nightvision - Never F**k (PVD's Late Night Mix) 5. Project Medusa Vs Exor - Moonshine (Exor Mix Part 1) 6. Joker Jam - Innocence (PVD Mix) 7. Sonorous - Second Sun 8. Marco V - Simulated (Marc Green Remix) 9. Intrique - Latino Nights (Motivation Remix) 10. Fragma - Embrace Me (Duderstadt Dub Mix) 11. Taste Experience - Highlander (Ralphie B's Massive Mix) 12. Armin's Rising Star - Clear Blue Moon 13. Accessive Rhythm - Activate 14. Coast 2 Coast - Be With Me 15. Traveller & In Motion - Believe (Minimalstix Remix) 16. Lasgo - Something (Mirco De Govia Remix) 17. DJ Tiësto - Lethal Industry (Svenson & Gielen Remix) 18. Marc Et Claude - Tremble (Riva Remix) 19. 4 Strings - (Take Me Away) Into The Night (Original Vocal Mix) Then one of my brothers mixes: Deep Dish - Say Hello (Paul van Dyk Remix) Filterheadz - Yimanya Signalrunners - 3000 Miles (Probspot Remix) Maurice - Feeline (Original Union Mix) Union Jack - Two Full Moons And A Trout (14" Mix) BT & Paul van Dyk - Namistai Inertia - The Emerald (Octagen Remix) Armin van Buuren Feat. Jan Vayne - Serenity Goldenscan - Halcyon (Marc Polasik Presents Celestial State Remix) I then picked up my NW-E407 and listened to the followiung whilst on the way to, from and whilst at work. Orbital: Work 1992-2002 1. Chime 2. Choice 3. Illuminate 4. Satan Spawn 5. Nothing Left 6. Halcyon 7. Impact 8. Are We Here? 9. Style 10. The Box 11. Frenetic 12. Lush 13. Funny Break 14. Belfast Hybrid: Wide Angle Opening Credits If I Survive I Know Beachcoma Dreaming Your Dreams Snyper Theme From Wide Angle Sinequanon High Life Fatal Beating Finished Symphony -ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TRACK!!! Altitude (Red Square Reprise) I guess it's been apretty intense day for my Walkman(s)
  15. 'Dance' music to bery VERY vague, hence why gapless playback from Atrac is essential as the majority of my music is continuosly mixed. Depends on my mood, i will range from breaks, chillout, trance, psytrance, progressive. Most styles of elctronic music really as long it's not too mainstream. Just as long it soumds nice and melodic, is not boring or too repetitive or just simply mkaes you want to jump around.
  16. Excellent program, this sort of thing has been needed for a looooong time. Greatfunctionality with MP3's. My two suggestions are : - Allow renaming of tags, album, artist title etc. - Atrac support, at least with renaming. SS is terrible for browsing tracks on the HD5, with just the option of veiwng artist or playlist, not albums like GYM (which i prefer to view my tracks by). I understand that this is perhaps going beyond the original concept of 'Grab your Music' but i'd love to see a GYM which allowws editing of files on the player.
  17. I keep mine attached to my trousers either on horizontally the belt loops or vertically over the top of them, the belt clip supplied with the E-series seems sturdy enough for me.
  18. Air- Moon Safari, MP3 VBR on my Vaio pocket, through Sennheiser PMX200's (which are actually a christmas present from my brother, will have to ut them back in the box soon )
  19. Yes the Ipod does have alot in it's favour i admit, but making existing tchnology smaller is not what i'd call a revolution, just a convenience enhancement (unless it ofcourse realises a whole new concept) The A-1000 is not made to compete with the 60 GB Ipod, the £140 price gap shoul illustrate that nicely. The A-1000 is closer to ipod nano, at £20 less for 2gb more storage. Obvipously arguments can be made for both players less Flash Vs more HDD, Colour Vs Monochrome, A1000's better battery etc. This i think tried to explain in my previous post of what i think sony are aiming for with thier current range. I'm not here to defend Sony, (believe it or not). just trying to logically account for their actions. yes but the PSP does overlap markets, sony may have been catious and refrained from releasing an 'ultra DAP' with video playback hi res screen and decent battery life (no matter what it is being used for), for fear of damaging PSP sales, although clearly if this is the case then they have likely shot themselves in the foot by releasing a lacklustre line up of HDD Walkman, in relation to their competitors. Pure confusion, i love my VP (had it not fell of a desk ) and wish sony had developed it further rather than wiping it out. However i do not think it could ever be a true Ipod competitor, yes it is an amzing item but i can't imagine it with the mainstream Ipod crowd, too bulky and looks which not everyone can aprreciate. Also i saw a 20gb one in a sonycentre two weeks ago with a price tag of £300!!, yes they are available for much less (my 40gb was £185) but if that was the price sony intended it's not difficult to see why it did not catch on, it is also worth noting that the VP is not MP3 cmpatible right out of the box. I think the vaio was aimed at the more mature market whilst ipod is clearly for the younger generation, (although i'm just 17 and would take a VP anyday over ipod).
  20. unfortunately it seems like it is only for the A-series.(i have an E-series ) EDIT - Well, i just sent the people at connect a whiney e-mail, asking for a voucher code explianing that i have just bought a network walkman but was already registered. I guess it was worth a shot.
  21. At this very moment : on my vaio pocket at 192 atrac i beleive Listening on MDR-V300's for the bass at a volume of just 6 whilst doing biology homework and procrastonating on the ALC
  22. I voted 30-40gbi like to know that once one of my CD albums has been ripped it is can ber kept on the player for good, rather than having to constantly swap file between the computer and DAP, especially since i as=lso like to use my Vaio for external file storage. I think i might just about be able to get by witha 20 gb player as my VP currently has jus 12.4gb used, i'm just wary as yuo actually always get less than is advertised, meaning that jsut 12.4gb may actually be closing in ona '20gb' pleyrs capacity.
  23. In what way do you consider the iPod's to be revolutionary, they're not the first to offer video playback, or pictures I think what we're seing from sony is just a different approach, if they wanted to put video playback on their DAPs then i'm sure they would have done. Instead sony are remembering that the main purpose of people buying a DAP is for the music and not including pictures or video as gimmicky extra, at the expense of battery life, Just a radically designed music player. Of course it remains to be seen whether this was trhe right strategy to take, especially since sony's 'back to basics' music player in 20gb form is still priced vewry close to the 30gb video pod. It is also worth remembering that Sony heave the interests of the PSP to look after too, as this will playback video and pictures, only difference being the fact that it is on a large enough screen to make it worthwile, unlike IMO the 'hybrid' DAP/PMP's on the market such as Ipod, Iaudio X5 and Iriver h3xx (begining to see a trend there, lol) which have quite samll screens, as they are small units. Admittedly however the PSP is very restricted by it's expensive Memory stick duo's and that only 32mb is included (being primarily a games console) I can live without video playback on my walkman (moreso since i have a PSP) but as mentioned above i don't think that screen are large enough on hybrid players, if video was something i really deemed neccessary i would set my sights on a full blown PMP such as an archos AV700 or Iaudio A2. As i said before sony are going for a grass roots approach with their network walkman range keeping long battery life and good sound quality as priorities, all that is really needed on a digital AUDIO player afterall. However i admit they do face a tough battle.
  24. I put my vote for 132 Atrac3, this however has just been since getting and e407 with a mere 1gb of space. For stuffthat goes on my Vaio i like knowing that it's at 192 atrac3plus, nut i'd be kidding myself if i said i could actually here a marked difference.
  25. Richard_p

    Sony NWE407

    Tracks can be removed using sonic stage, just select the tracks which you wishg to remove and click the <-- backwards arrow from in between the transfer window and music library window. Personally i would not worry too much about using the travel adapter, jus tmake sure the voltage is not too high. I charge my PSP with my Vaio pocket charger and vice versa all the time. No damage has came as a result. Generic basically means universal. Obviously it is not as risk free as using an official adapter like the rest of the forum is telling, so use at your own risk.
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