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  1. I Hate WAITING as well and BLUE RAJA Don't worry, many of us have given good ideas to Sony. And if they want to survive, they HAVE to listen to us...
  2. Personally I think that it all depends on what are you storing the music for. 48kbps, for me, is unnacceptable since I notice the bad quality. However Hi-LP (64) is excellent to amplify in the car and still you get 34 hours of music. Now. I am a musician and I love classical music, so my favourite pieces are encoded at 256kbps... definitely. For Live recordings PCM is the answer. So It will all depend on how well you want hear everything...
  3. I bought an FM transmitter (a bellkin) through Amazon.com and I liked it, but personally I am a musician, so all the little FM interferencies made my life a nightmare. I Finally changed my radio and bought an Aiwa This radio plus my NHF800 make the perfect combination and I have kept the transmitter in case I have to send the signal to any other radio...
  4. Thanks for the icons Ishiyoshy, they are just great. I hoper everybody gets a good benefit from it.
  5. Yup, you just cannot record at 48 kbps unless using SonicStage. I really recommend Hi-LP for recording when you don't need really good quality. Hi-SP sounds really proffessional. I have recorded 2 shows already in Hi-SP and the quality is amazing..
  6. She is gorgeous, Thanks Alex for the pic.
  7. Sony is all chaos inside and there is a sort of "envy" among different branches That is why MD has never received a big support... I think more powerful branches/executives will kill MD for good. I really hope there is a 3Gen...
  8. ...BUT WHY???? I just ask myself and I can't understand.. they are killing one of the best things they did!!!!!!!!!!! I can't understand!!
  9. According to your opinion, which of them looks more classy? In the pictures, the black unit looks more "sophisticated". Thanks for showing your gadgets. It's very illustrative.
  10. Maybe the windows XP firewall is blocking it... have you checked in the control panel?
  11. I love Danii. Especially "I begin to wonder." Many of you guys have danced her songs every now and then without actually knowing it is her. I have plenty of her songs in my MD's This is Danii and opopsite to what they say, she's got a wonderful relationship with her sister: Here you can see a pic of Danii lying over Kylie... Excelente bed aint it? I like them both, I can't make a decision...
  12. Do you think it may be due to humidity inside the remote?
  13. Last year I got my MHF800 from amazon.com. I have really had no problems so far but since last week I have problems with the remote control. It just doesn't obey. For instance: sometimes I advance one track and it turns the volume down or it skips one folder or activates the Shuffle feature. Sometimes I just turn the volume up and it advances one folder or activates the -1 feature.... I am really concerned because I don't know if the remote got wrong or if the unit is bad... What can I do??? please HELP ME!!! This is my recorder: Have you heard of this problem before???
  14. BEAUTIFUL... I never new those things ever existed.... Thanks Ishiyoshi for sharing those beautiful images of yours...
  15. No wonder why Hi-MD units are just hard to find everywhere and photo Hi-MD could never be found in some parts of the world (It never made it to Latin America). It is a really sad piece of news. It may unveil the end. I really hope Hi-MD survives for some 5 more years. I am depressed
  16. Thanks to all the administrators for taking care of the best forum on the net.I really missed it and these were the longest days without my MD family.Again thanks for their effort to keep such a good job.
  17. AWSOME!!! I had never seen them before!!!
  18. It's a very good Choice... eventually ANY Hi-MD recorder will allow you to record with EXCELLENT quality and upload your recordings to your PC. Anyway, buy that pack with microphone included...
  19. THANK YOU ISHIYOSHI!!!! Those ads were really AMAZING!!!! It's a pity we never get Hi-Md Commercials in South America
  20. Sorry to be fussy but this was supposed to be a "design contest" and not a wishlist... (anyway your suggestions have all been very creative) Think of it Ahhh if just sony was looking at our forum
  21. Well there's always the "HOLD" button that can lock the touchscreen when it's inside a pouch or a pocket. What for? Easy navigation, use of multimedia and making the format more compatible with EVERYTHING.
  22. Pity no Hi-Md Support. By the way.. Do you know how to import from Japan with Cheap freight?
  23. Thanks MZ-NH1, I would love a unit like that as well
  24. Yup! Find in this same forum the direct download of the Hi-Md renderer Program and go ahead! But remember to do as syrius told you Upload first using sonicStage
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