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  1. Which device? Could you post a link to it?
  2. Sony has just announced a New set of stereos with Hard drive, and network capability and MINIDISC.. although it doesn't say whether it is Himd capable or not, it's still a good piece of news. Ypu can read the full story HERE
  3. Bah! No Hi-MD Blanks apart from Sony... Definitely rightts must be very expensive.
  4. Well, maybe, actually The Blue Raja has three units and I am going to get my second one.. It is my favourite player of all times. It is definitely an excellent mixture of images and sound and the fact that it has a camera and a screen makes all the difference.. I agree with the fact that it battery time gets reduced when using the camera too much; however, the OLED display allows you to search albums by cover art and, if you like having small parties and casual dinners like me, you can take pics of your guests and after that make a slide show of everybody while the music plays on the DH10P connected to your home stereo.. nice, isn't it? as a PLAYER, it is the top of the class. regards to you all.
  5. Can anyone of you guys post a screenshot of the software.. for those of us who don't have a mac?
  6. Well it is the cheapest/safest replacement for Cassettes, Cd's, Diskettes, DAT's, Zips, Jazz's, Pendrives, etc... The problem is just bad management and envious people inside Sony Corp. I doubt they will manufacture any more units.
  7. So. I think I'd better just buy blanks in london.. what about finding cool blanks there?
  8. Thanks for your congratulations.. I will
  9. I was just walking today in a very popular shopping center here in Chile and, just for fun, walked to the Sony store and I saw it.. Brand new, amazing, so small and touchable and yet so powerful... I wasn't carrying much money or my credit cards with me but I will tomorrow... They are selling it at 169900 Chilean Pesos, that's 332 US dollars.. not bad considering that no shipping is needed. They are also selling online http://www.sonystyle.cl/cl/site/catalog/Pr...1&id=MZ-RH1 Just in case any Chilean guy is interested (or anybody travelling here). By the way, this week I was awarded a full schollarship to attend a course at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, so I'll be travelling to England in August. Do you guys know any good MD store there?
  10. Would it permit to use atrac files within Windows Media PLayer? That would permit the chance to have plugins developed for different players such as winamp.
  11. When you transfered the tracks for the first time SS must have asked you for the folder destination where you wanted the wav files to be stored. Anyway, you can set the process to be done automatically by pressing the options button (it's a sort of briefcase that appears betwwen your library and the hi-md screen when you connect your recorder) or you can access to it via the tools menu and then choose transfer, click on your hi-md and finally click on advanced. A dialog wil appear in which you'll see the option to automatically convert your transferred tracks into wav and in which folder you want them to placed. Now for all of those tracks that have already been transferred to your SS library, simply select them and then right-click on them. Choose the option Save as wav and that's it! Hope it is of any use...
  12. Listen, I've tried several carrying cases and the best one that I've found is this one http://www.minidiscaccess.com/item.html?PRID=44181 efinitely the best to carry your md's and your recorder. In my case I use MD's in the car so it is perfect to put it next to me and to plug it into the aux input of my car radio.. excellent advice on the remote. I'm going to acquire one as well.ç Regards
  13. HEY SONY!!!!! Drag and Drop would be the next step.... Please don't let the format die and give us all ... MD as it should be...
  14. Hi-Md is completely sold out here in Chile, even blanks are out. Customers are complaining and Sony Chile has announced a new shipment in 2 more weeks. Hi-MD units were a HUGE success over here.
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