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  1. Dont worry to much about the mesh, it acts as EM shilding and as long as only a short length is exposed you will not have a problem.
  2. Woops, I stand corected, sorry
  3. And ISO is not a file system, it's a drive image(inthis case that of a CD)
  4. Open the *.ISO file in WinRAR and copy the contents to the minidisc, IF you can give a volume name to the MD set it to the same as what the ISO would give to a cd(this MAY not be nessary). Linux should work fine with this set up assuming the MDP acts like other usbflash/massstorage/externalHD i have used. Good luck! EDIT: As i dont have my player (MZ-RH910 on its way!) I cant commet on the trans speed so assumeing the above poster is correct you may want to use a linux buld desined to run off a USB device, sutch as Mandriva Linux Move as it is much smaller and will save your setings because it saves everything to the usb drive
  5. Ok, I have orderd the MZ-RH910. I shure il be happy with it, realy i can deal with anything, up to 3 mounths ago i was useing a 64MB RIO flash player Also im used to carying around a litle book of cds so a couple of MDs will be no problem Sorry about the post then anwsering most the problems myself, just thouught(as uasly the case with ppl on fourms) that you could give some more acuret info. Anyway il be lurking around in here whil it gets here(a week maby?) and will tell you about my impressions when it arives. Thanks again and pece out
  6. " (but take the mentioned hours with a grain of salt )" Is it better or worse?; the battery life is realy the bigest reason im opting for a MD.
  7. "EDIT:ok i read the manual, this thing is all that i hoped for and more, also i found another bug in SS, you can not play a atrac file in windows meida player when SS in encoding a file. " Yea, i read the manual and got my questions anwserd, also i have fine set of headphones. And yes, i can tell the didderence between the compressions, i just dont care alot about perfect quality.
  8. Sorry, and thank you, i was able to figuer out 1,2,4,5&7. The others im still a confused by. Also i found out one of my teachers is a minidisc user, (a Sony MZ-NH600D, and he is about to get a MZ-RH910) and he showed me and let me play with it a bit. Im now playing with what bitrats are aceptible to me in trems of quality, as i dont think i will ever need to cary more than 5-10 hours worth at a time i will probly use a higher quality,and i can allways cary more discs. This SS software is not as bad as a lot of things i have read about it, when was 3.x relesed? Anyway thanks, i need to find a sony store or buy it off ebay, unless any of you know a better place to get a MZ-RH910. EDIT:ok i read the manual, this thing is all that i hoped for and more, also i found another bug in SS, you can not play a atrac file in windows meida player when SS in encoding a file. also after converting some music(the test file was a 1:20hour long "megamix" of a BUNCH of realy good industrial/dance/EBM in the form of a varibal bitrate MP3) and i determend that i dont like anything lower than64kbps atrac3+(its ok(ish), or 105kbps atrac3(sounds fine!).But i will probly use atrac3 132 because it sounds good and you can still 16 hours on the disc(and i see that it can shove 6 hours on the old discs as well) Thanks I will read some more in here, and if you have any recomed reading please tell. Thank you
  9. Hi, i have been using cdplayers all my life, since i listen to most my music at home i never needed a lot of storage. Well now i do, and i have determended that one of the new HI-MD players will fit my needs nicely(the MZ-RH910 to be exact). Only i have a few questions to ask... 1. storage, as i understand the new players support(nativly) mp3s witch 90% of my colection is, the rest are legal mp3, some wma and a bunch of cds. What is involved in just uploading them to the player(this should be fine as a gig is about 17 hours of mp3s... i think) 2. uploading in ATRAC, i know there are several bitrates, but witch one is comparible to a 128kbps, and how many hours am i looking at in that format? 3.recording, i will probly use this soon after i get it. How much can a empty disc hold with the highest quality from the digaltl in? And can you cut it in to seprat tracks compress them (or record them compresed to start out with) and give thim names withg out a pc? I see this(if it does) being VERY cool if i could record off some of my friends cd/ipod/mp3/whatever player at school or after school as a lot of them have access to a lot of local bands music. 4. sony's sonic stage software, aside from being a CRAZY resorse hog and a over "eye-candyd" GUI it looks ok at first glance. BUT after loading some of my mp3s in to it, it seems like it doesent want to play some files(all mp3s) even after converting them into ATRACs they would not play, any help on this would be very helpful. Also i see that converting takes a bit of time, is there an option in SS to just comvert ALL files so i can do it over night? Also it crashes (3.1) 5. MD as a extrenal HD, what virsions of windows DO and DO NOT need a driver. 6. battery, 25 on the internal battery and its good for 1k cycles? And the AA "dry" battery case, what is this a pack that holds a AA and plugs in somewhere? and how long will that last? 7. lastly,,, Can you have mixed content on one MD eg. ATRAC, mp3, data Thank you and sorry for the long post, BTY i will be useing this player while riding the bus, school , trail runing(VERY shakey, Il prob get an arm band case thingy) and while doing homework. All and all it could come to am excise of 8 hours a day. Thanks,
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