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  1. I do know Sony hasn't played "nice-nice" with Mac on many fronts I try to shy away from Virtual PC as it can be s-l-o-w. I'll have to see what program works on the Mac for uploading digitally, and then exporting as AIFF format or some such.
  2. Thanks everyone for the welcome and for replying so quickly! I will look into the hi-md units, although I don't really want any compression format (as mp3, etc) but want the best possible sound. I don't want to use this as an i-Pod kind of unit, just for recording live music and uploading to the computer (my Mac) in a high quality format.
  3. I am considering purchasing an Md recorder to record live music from my kids sax concerts. I would really like a digital output to download to my computer without loss of an analog conversion. Which units support this? Thanks from a newbie
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