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  1. I followed Ishiyoshi's excellent advice in how to get audiobooks to go into my nw-hd5h without them being all over the place, and the 2nd time I tried it the book dropped out of my library completely. Puzzled I tried again...and again...and again with different books, all dispapear. What is it ? It didnt the first time but has done it every time since. Ishiyoshi - have you an idea of whats causing this and a fix for it ? I seem to get the answer to one problem only for another to replace it with the Sony software. I am not even half way to filling it after loading for 10 days.
  2. Ringworld Engineers was sorted nicely by Ishiyoshi's idea (Thanks !) But subsequent times I have tried to sort audiobooks in this manner have resulted in the book disappearing from the list ! Also - is there no way you can rearrange the tracks, or create a "best of" from the tracks already ON the player ? The progs closing themselves down continue apace, by the way - why is this ? It never happened with the Rio software for my old Karma, or the easy to use MPIO.
  3. Dunno about that, but I would say you're a fanboy of text messaging, and not very good at that, either ! "Petty all right" ???? "Even I get a lot of users complains is sucks" ????? EH ?
  4. Thanks for the help - I went to do exactly as Ishiyoshi said, then when I went to transfer, it closed itself down - another of the infuriating problems with SS (Thanks loads for the help by the way Ishiyoshi - greatly appreciated) No Alibi - that was already done ! ub - I too use that brilliant free German prog mp3tag - and did in this case too. The book (Ringworld Engineers - Larry Niven) already had decent mp3 tags on the chapters - titles which disappear on SS for some reason.
  5. I read in Engadget that months ago, during a Tokyo trade show, Sony announced they were getting rid of the appalling SonicStage and replacing it with a connect iTunes style prog. God, I hope so. SS is atrocious, but as its been 6 months or so since the date on the comment, maybe not. Any news on this ?
  6. Hmm. Not a clue ? I have tried everything I can think of. It STILL loads the audiobooks concerned in a ludicrous manner - all first parts of the 13 CD's first, all 2nd parts next... No other mp3 software is so slow and restrictive (or keep closing itself down for no reason) and about as unhelpful as possible.
  7. I have tried several times with both SS aqnd Viao transfer to upload an audiobook or two. Stephen King's "Everything Eventual" and Dean Koontz "The Bad Place". BOTH are jumbled ludicrously by both progs. Bad Place for example is clearly numbered CD01 track01, 02 03, etc, Only after these two crappy progs have finished with them they start with track 176, then 01, 054, etc etc no matter even if I drip feed Viao, it still jumbles them - the same applied to everythings eventual I knew that SS was the worst software of all MP3 players, but never thought it would be THIS bad. The prog sometimes closes itself for no reason too, as does Viao, but not as often. Is there a way to get audiobooks to load onto this damn thing in the right order ????? Oh yes - I have noted that bookmarks seem to go back to the beginning too. Some bookmark.... Update:- I tried another, Robert Silverberg's "Valentine Pontifex", and that seemed to load in order. Is there a way to rearrange or add tracks to an album after loading ?
  8. I don't want to sound a complete pleb, but could you tell me HOW to format the hd5h ? I haven't a clue ! (I'll have alittle shufti before I go out though) Oh - got it. Right. Done and dusted. Back to square one, but I dont mind too much. Cheers, mate.
  9. Rename what, where, how ? I even tried to remove all tracks and start again - it went through the motions, and never removed ANYTHING. Still 17gb free, but NOTHING listed. Please give me a simple step by step so I can get my tracks back. Please ?
  10. Well, everything has gone, and it happened when running GYM. It was all there before I ran this "software" and nothing there, nothing playing AFTER.
  11. I noticed somewhere on this forum someone mention GYM as a potential SoniicStage replacement. So I downloaded it and ran it - it looked interesting, but it said "run key wizard first" I tried that, didnt have a clue what to do with the temp thing that opened up, so closed it, and then a debug dialog box opened up. So it closed, then I started up key wizard again, and it said no nw-hd connected. But it was. So I closed it, and opened SonicStage. NOTHING THERE. The space is still occupied, it isnt 28gb there, its 17gb free. I have been uploading my stuff. Now it isnt there. How can I undo the damage done by this dreadfully damaging "GYM" ????? If I wipe all tracks, can I start from scratch ?
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