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  1. volta thank you very much for your support you have identified my questions and answered them well.. thanks again!! on the other hand DEX.. excellent job, very concise and to the point.. just what i was looking for.. incase you people are wondering 'so why would the dumbass install the software then ask questions' which is the same as 'shoot first and ask questions later'.. well simple, coz i came here first and saw everyone whinning about problems with sonicstage bla blah.. and that it erases your mp3 collection etc.. so i had to raise my questions before diving head first hope that makes sense thx again!!! great support here. i'll recommend it to my friends
  2. Thanks everyone for the support. Except you havent clarified the 4th question. What I mean by 'restrictions' is copy protected material. Can ANY mp3 file be transfered to the MD player? I mean 'everything!' maybe I should re-phrase it a little 'Can ANY mp3 file be converted to Atrac mode, for transfering to the MD player via SonicStage?' and..... When sending music (recorded on the MD) back to the pc via SonicStage, which format is the song? Does it allow you to save it as MP3? Cheers!!
  3. my unit: Sony MZ-NH700 my other unit: Sharp MD-722 (dying a slow TOC death)
  4. Hello MD community I have been a MD addict for a long time. I wont purchase an IPOD just coz everyone has one MD will fit my needs and do much more.. I prefer the recording features and optical waves. One thing I noticed is people are using SonicStage to transfer the music over to their units. I have installed the software but before I give it a shot. I like to know 1. How fast does it send the files across to the unit? 2. Do they retain their original encoded quality? 3. Do the ID tags of the mp3's appear on the unit on playback? 4. Can I send any mp3 files to the unit? are there any restrictions? The reason I ask these questions is because I have been burning dvd's with mp3's - then recording them via optical to the MD. But of course this is slow, because you have to playback the dvd as if you were listening to it. But the quality is immaculate!! Cheers & Happy MD trails
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