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  1. Any advice on how to locate a charging stand for the MZ NH1? Mine quit after about 10 years. Or maybe the battery can't take further charging. Thanks, Makiji
  2. I use an MZ NH-1. I just bought a MacBookPro and want to copy my Sonicstage files to it. I thought there was an Apple version of SS, but it seems I was mistaken. What are my options? Are the SS files readable in Itunes? What Mac apps will do the job, if any? Thanks for the help. makiji
  3. Help! I see this is a common issue on the forum, and I need guidance anyway. I got a new computer. My techie guys said You'll have to reload software, but all your files will be transferred to your new machine. Fine. So i go to www.sony and download sonicstage 4.301 on my new pc. But only the copied CDs in Library play, and only a few of my own recordings made with my MZ-NH1. The titles show up, but the little blue icons turn grey. [On windows media player, the files are scattered.] The new PC uses Windows Vista. I have the old hard drive presumably with all the old files... Any wisdom for a non-techie?? thanks, Makiji
  4. Help, Kurisu, et al! I know this is an old topic, but I am having trouble downloading podcasts. I started with downloading the iTunes software but have had not complete success. How can I use Sonicstage to do this? No being a techie, I need simple step by step instructions. perhaps this is written up somewhere onthe site. Please forward. thanks. I have an MZ NH-1 makiji
  5. Ishiyoshi, Rombusters, et al. My equipment: MZ NH-1 Problem buring CDs... SOLVED After a couple hours on the phone with Sony the other day, I was able to properly prepare my 'operating environment,' download Sonic Stage and register for Connect Music Store, etc. --this last being the key to the CD burning option. Seems that full software operation is grafted to the idea that the consumer will rush to the online store to download and burn CDs. Anyway, thanks for the help. The forums are a great resource. Mak
  6. My equipment: MZ- NH1, SS 3.1 Topic: Creating CD: How? A440, et al. In my SS Options, there is no "creating a CD" option. Are there different versions of SS 3.1? This expression "operating environment" is pretty nebulous. But SS seems to recognize my CD drive [H], because under Music Source/Import a CD there is an option to choose drive [H] --which I have used. Yes, I have used those other programs to burn CDs before. Thanks for taking a look into it. Anyone up for solving the puzzle...? M
  7. My equipment: MZ- NH1, SS 3.1 Topic: Creating CD: How? ROMBUSTER, et al: I wish it were so simple. Rolling the mouse over Transfer only produces a one-choice dropdown:Hi-MD[l:] Can anyone advise me on how to get my "operating environment" set up to create a CD? Thanks, Mak.
  8. SS 3.1 My equipment: MZ- NH1 Topic: Creating CD: How? "Depending on your operating environment, you may not be able to create a CD." That's what it says in SS Help. No explanation about how to determine whether I can or cannot do this. When I click Transfer, there is no reference to CD creation, etc. I do have other burning software: NERO. Can anyone explain how to make CDs --or how to determine whether I can? Thanks. Mak
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