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  1. I'm having some trouble uploading from my RH10. I'm using the latest SS version. When uploading a track that was originally transferred from pc to hi-md I don't get asked where I want to save it and I can see it uploading but I don't know where it goes. This doesn't happen when uploading live recordings, I then get asked where to save? I was also wondering if there is an easy way to transfer all music stored on an Hi-Md to an mp3 cd. My car stereo can handle mp3 so I thought it would be nice to make a simple copy of my favorite Hi-Md disk so I can listen the same music in my car.
  2. Flexis


    Ah there it is THX. I got so used to disabling those thing's with MSconfig I didn't even bother to look there anymore
  3. Pretty dumb question it's like "can I play DVD's on my cd player somehow." NO...DUH..
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    How do I stop the "NetMDSB.exe" process forom autoloading on windows startup? I checked in MSconfig and also with the startup tool in spybot S&D but it's not in there? I pretty much have the habit to disable any unneccesairy processes and services too keep my system fast and stable. This is one of the first thing's I come across that I can't disable.
  5. As some people think I didn't research you should read this thread better. I'm not just bitchin on Sony beacause of my own fault, neither am I asking for true sp support in sonic stage. I just don't understand why Sony suddenly drop's the original MD recorder standard while first gen unit's still have it.I'm talking about line-in here not SS. They are happy to advertise their mp3 support and the unit even comes with a mp3 sticker on it but they sure haven't made it clear anywhere in advertising or on the net that this unit can not record sp/lp true line in. That's one hell of a sacrifice for a crappy mp3 function. I did research but it seem's this is a very overlooked shortcoming as everyone is focussing too much on SS. The only thing I can now ask for as a small compromise is actually treu sp in SS as everyone is bitchin about that. Then I can at least record in Hi-sp or pcm, upload and download in real sp.
  6. Flexis

    Rh10 Scratches

    I agree, why would the OLED have anything to do with the quality of the surface. Anything transparent could have been used and they choose really soft plastic for no reason at all and didn't bother to include a protective coating. For the price of the RH10 they should have at least done that.
  7. Maybe you can use WINE to run sonicstage? That should solve the reboot problem.
  8. A sampling rate converter is for converting audio to a different sampling rate. The bit depth and sampling rate determines the dynamic range and frequency broadness of your sound. The higher these are the more the recorded audio will resemble to the original sound you record.Thus better quality. A cd for example is 16bit/44.1khz,most modern games are 48khz and in studio's sampling rates and bitrates of 32bit/96khz or higher aren't unusual.This is done to maintain overal better quality through the various stages of sound processing.I don't know the detail's on MD's though. Your sampling rate converter will let you convert the MD sampling rate to another sampling rate but these day's this can all be done by computer's and I don't really see why you would need it. Perhap's it was intended for some pre-broadcasting converting on radiostation's. Maybe someone else can tell you more but I think you will find very little use for it. Coverting to a higher sampling rate will not improve the quality of the sound you already recorded. A higher sampling rate will however improve the quality of any digital processing applied to it afterward's. The opposite is a little different. When applying digital processing to a high sample rate and then sampling or dithering down to a lower one it will sound better then when you applied the processing to it on the final low sampling rate in the first place.
  9. And still I can't just record the line in anywhere any time and pop the MD straight in my stereo or car head unit ...blech !
  10. Flexis

    Rh10 Scratches

    I'll have a look at that. Do you have any before and after pictures? That would be interesting you know. I really don't want to make it any worse.
  11. Flexis

    Rh10 Scratches

    I live in Belgium and I don't know where to get to get that microfiber cloth. It is good for cleaning but won't get rid of any scratches. Also I will not use toothpaste on my RH10 as the plastic surface is so soft I'm sure it will only get worse. I'm talking about those microscopic scrtaches like the one's that show up on your car when looking at it from an angle on a sunny day. I will probably order the Novus Kit with all three bottles bacause I have lot's of delicate plastic stuff around the house anyway. I've actually just ordered a mastercard to be able to buy online, I was considering getting one for some time but this pushed me over the edge. I suppose I will have the product in about a month and I will post the result's here.I will first try it on my cellphone as it is totally scratched up anyway.
  12. Flexis

    Rh10 Scratches

    Also look here Novus for more detail's on the novus fine scratch remover. This looks most interesting to me.
  13. Flexis

    Rh10 Scratches

    Yes I scratched it myself probably. And the worst thing is I got a "GBA sp" too and I never clean the screen with anything else then those special "instanet" cleaning tissues for glasses witch work's perfect.I was however so dumb to not do that with my rh10. I now need to find a way to get rid of the scratches again. Please have a look at my link's.
  14. Would a MC40ELK make sence on a RH10
  15. Yes because I have a money tree growing in my garden...
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