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  1. Sony has got back to me on the repair costs and it isn't cheap. 160Euros!!! Guess I'll use that money for EH1 instead. Sigh!
  2. Agreed and the likely solution is to change the mainboard, if still available, at a price that's probably 70% of the retail price. I'm waiting for Sony to get back to me on the repair costs. Cheers! hi Jeepers, Thanks for the advice but sadly, I can't "kick" it out of the charging cycle so I wouldn't be able to try that method.
  3. It just shuts off after displaying "Low Batt".
  4. hi all, I've a problem with my E10. After complaining of "Low Batt", I've placed it in the charger and it went on to charge the battery. A few hours later, when I took it out of the charger, it still complained of "Low Batt". Thinking that I may not have placed the player properly in the charger, I charge it again. Same thing happened when I took it out of the charger. Since I've the N10 and both service manuals for E10 and N10, I took out the fully charged battery from the N10 and swapped it with the E10's. To my surprise, the player still complain of "Low Batt". The E10's battery went into the N10 and it showed that it's fully charged. Now I can't use my E10, not even with the stand charger. Has anyone experienced this before?
  5. One point to note about using RM-MC55ELK on the Jap RH10 . Both "Search" and "Previous Folder" on the remote are not working.
  6. Sadly, no. It's the standard silver and the backlight of the remote is white.
  7. 55, the one meant for D-NE20. It's a very nifty remote, I must say! I'm in Singapore and I've met up with a local seller 4 hours ago and bought the RH10 brand new from him. Price is 200 Sing Dollars (125 USD or 100 Euros). The guy said that he's already sold 5 sets and this is the last set. BTW, I checked the language options and it says Japanese/English, so I assume that I've actually got the Jap set.
  8. I've just gotten my RH10 today and surprisingly, it came with the RM-MC55ELK.
  9. hi all, I've received an email from Minidisc Community forum with a suspicious link to an executable file. I don't think that the email is actually sent by the MDCF adminstrators and here's the content of the email : Quote: <noreply@minidisc.org> to me Our new application. Just check it out: edited: spam link Anybody else receive this?
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