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  1. Have tried your method and still machine freezes....HIMD appears nowhere in my computer....tried removing using icon in task bar...windows tells me its ok to remove mass storage device but when i remove USB cable machine freezes and i have to turn off by holding the on/off switch for about 4 seconds....its ok to remove if i do a restart and when the machine is off i quickly remove USB cable from hub....do you have any other solutions???? doing restart all the time is quite boring.....maybe i should just go back to XP....tragic Vista...so many bugs.....
  2. I'm running Vista Home Basic and it seems that when i unplug MZRH1 from USB port my machine freezes....this only started recently......what could be the problem....running SS 4.3 and have updated driver....I'm Lost...anyone out there have any ideas.....???
  3. I installed SB in compatability mode in vista...vista let me install SB this way but will not let me open SB...do you have any other sugestions...or should i just install XP and if so how do i do this....
  4. MD Simple burner not supported with vista....Bugger...I use it the most....just bought new machine XP no longer available..what to do???????????....c'mon sony give us MD Simple burner for vista.....Please>>>>
  5. Actually i have over 300 80min md,s recorded in analog...basically my whole music collection...i don't really own many cd for that matter...and a lot of compilations that i have recorded over the years....
  6. Firstly the rh10 and dh10p are not available in australia. The main reason for getting the mzrh1 was so is upload sp recorded music ( which i have about 300 ) to my pc...I just assumed these functions would be standard on the unit as they have been for almost enery unit released since md was born...But anyway i forgive sony now as i have just discovered that everything that i have dumped to md using md simple burner in net md mode is also transferable to my pc...very exciting as sometims i havent had the time to import cd to pc then burn to md...i have a md player in my car that does not support himd....if anyone knows if you can get car md head unit that does support himd please let me know...
  7. My new MZRH1 remote was faulty 1 chanel cut out when inserted headphones into remote. Have sent back to place of purchace but no word as yet...about 3 weeks so far. Im a but annoyed as i use my MZRH1 mostly as a player and there are a few things like random play, track name and artist display, and easy navigation, editing, etc, can only be accessed through the remote..why sony has done this i dont know...like two steps back. Have no idea when i will recieve my replacement remote as it is a new product sony have no spare parts so will take months so im told....so there we go ive had my winge got that one off my chest...BLAH...
  8. Northern NSW... Northern NSW....Where do you think the best place to import from Japan...
  9. Fantastic uploadind sp a big plus...display looks a bit small though...when will it be released in Australia????? azza...
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