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  1. Hey everyone, Thanks again for the on-going replies in this thread, your feedback gave me many options. But if you don't mind me going a little off topic, I have another problem... Now can someone suggest ways on how to get my NW-HD5 working again? Not only does the screen not work but now the disk drive doesn't even spin up. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, let me explain... I started out this thread by asking for LCD remote options because my LCD cracked. I was hoping to breathe new life into my HD5. You all gave me great suggestions about what to use and your personal experiences. Not that those responses weren't heard, but I still felt like I could fix the LCD, or at least replace it. So I opened the HD5 up to take a look around, being careful not to fully take it apart, so I could put it back together. I mainly looked at the LCD connection to see if I could replace it with a working color LCD from an old Sony Ericsson cell phone. The connections looked similar, so that gave me hope. I put the HD5 back together for the time being, and it worked okay (audio only with backlit LCD, no text). I waited a couple more days, before I decided to give it a shot. I fully disassembled both the HD5 and SE cell phone (by way of dissasembly instructions found on this site and the web), and compared both LCDs/connections, both still looked similar. So I connected the SE LCD into the HD5 LCD "port" and locked it down. But the ribbon's end wouldn't stay in place. If I pulled it just a little bit, it would disconnect. So, then I tried to power it up without yanking on the ribbon (with battery installed), but that still didn't work. So, I gave it a try, and it didn't work out, I had nothing to lose right? Wrong, I put it back together the way I (thought) I took it apart with battery installed, screws an all. I tried to power it up, but I got nothing, no backlight, not even a spin of the hard disk. Now, I'm not sure what I did wrong. The only significant thing that I can think of that might have done this is I broke the soldered (sp?) connection between the LCD housing and the HD5's main board. I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with what I am talking about, but if someone does, could that be the cause of the power outage? That is the only forceful disconnection that I did while taking the HD5 apart. For those of you who have reassembled an HD5, after a look around or a HD upgrade/replacement, please let me know of any possible solutions to my problem. I know that at this point with the LCD already damaged, to do anymore work on the player, is pretty much a lost cause. But for those who are willing to help and wouldn't mind going into a little depth for the cause/repair, your time and your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance... (Thanks also for taking the time out to read this long-winded reply.)
  2. Thanks for the quick reply... Markey... Thanks for the welcome. I forgot to mention the MC35ELK, I guess the 38ELK has a Hi-MD input on the LCD which I don't need. And the 35ELK has a 12 character LCD rather than a 9 character with the 38EL. Stuge... The 40ELK sure is nice with the 3 line display. What are the dimensions of the unit? I may be wrong, but the whole unit looks a little bulky, for my taste anyway. I like the slim size of the 35ELK. Thanks for the suggestion though, and thanks also for the link to the Atrac page. I knew I saw that somewhere around here. I might just go for the 35ELK because 1. its size, and 2. the price. I found the 35ELK for $17USD on EBay (includes S&H), while the 40ELK is $40USD (not including S&H). I don't want to spend too much, as I am soon making the switch to Mac and I know that the HD5 doesn' t have Mac support. I'm trying to hold on to the HD5 as long as possible because of its great sound quality and features (battery life/replaceable battery). Just for the record, an iPod is a last resort for me. Sorry to stray off topic... Thanks again for your suggestions. More experiences with any remotes and the HD5 are always welcome.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this question has been posted here before, I did a forum search and couldn't find anything, so I apologize if it has... The LCD on my HD5 recently stopped working after I dropped it, but luckily the audio still works. So now I'm looking for a Hi-MD remote with LCD so I can see track info. I'm not sure if this list of Sony LCD Remotes has been posted on the Atrac site, but I found it in a Google search. I've heard that the RM-MC35ELK and the RM-MC38EL work well with the HD5, but I'm not really sure which one to get. So that's where I need all of your help. Has anyone used the HD5 with the remotes above or any of the LCD remotes listed in the link? If so, which one is most capable with the HD5's functions? (By the way, if anyone knows of a repair center where I can send my HD5 to get the LCD replaced, or a site which sells replacement HD5 LCD's, please let me know.) Thanks in advance for your input. FE05
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