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  1. I converted it to a higher bitrate and was able to import to SS. Thanks!
  2. I am having problems getting some podcasts onto MD. Sonicstage won't recognize or import the podcast MP3 file. I click to import the file and it doesn't appear. Should SS recognize a podcast MP3 file? Could it be that this particular podcast file has some type of property rights management to it? The file is from a talk radio show which charges an annual fee to access archived shows. I am a subscriber, but maybe the host has puts some kind of rights management into his podcast files so it can't be easily distributed. I currently record shows in real time streaming audio on my MD recorder. What a pain. It would be so nice to convert it to ATRAC and put it on my MZ-NH900 via USB. I did some searching on the forums here and found toxigenicpoem's Ipodder2SonicStage program (IP2SS). I'm not very technical and I didn't understand his explanation of the application. Has anyone used the program? Would it allow me to convert or transfer the podcast file to my Hi-Md recorder? It appears from other posts that SS should be able to recognize any podcast MP3 and convert is rather easily. Thanks for the help.
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