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  1. Thanks for the information. I was afraid that might be the case, a shame as I always found Simple Burner nice and easy. Steve
  2. I have been using Sonic Stage 4.2 and MD Simple Burner on a Windows XP desktop, with no trouble. I have now got a Vista laptop and I have downloaded SonicStage 4.3. I tried to install Simple Burner, but was unable to do so, as Vista does not appear to be supported. Is this right, and have you any suggestions? Steve
  3. I wouldn't mind selling it but I take it you are not in UK? Postage abroad would probably be prohibitive. Get in touch again if you are in UK. Steve
  4. I have had a HiMD recorder, a Sony MZ RH10 for some time and am very pleased with it. I have been offered a Sony MDS-JE510, old but virtually unused. Will I be able to use discs that I have recorded on the MZ RH10 on the MDS-JE510l? Thanks for any advice. Steve
  5. Many thanks for all the advice. I though that was the case, but I wanted to confirm it, Thanks, StephenS
  6. I am a newcomer to Hi-MD. I intend using it for an oral history project, recording people's memories. I need to transfer the minidisc recordings to my PC and on to CD, for transcription. I seem to be able to do that OK. My problem is that we want to archive the recordings on to another PC, and it would appear that I can only transfer once. I could use the CD recording to transfer the files to the second PC; is this the only way of doing it? I would prefer to use the original if possible. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. StephenS
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