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  1. In the past 6 months I have at least 3 times made attempts to upload music to My Gallery/Music... to no avail. What do I do wrong? Please somebosy provide an instruction.
  2. Hi, Can I turn a portable headphone amp (Super Mini) into a mic preamp, if at all? I am on a dummy side, so if it's too complicated I'll probably skip it. FYI, I've got Reactive Sounds DT-1 - Delta Stereo Microphone. Is it decent quality?
  3. That's was the problem - I experimented with recording levels 3 or 4 times, with no avail. Too much bass, it destroys it all. Was it a matter of a wrong mic? I remember making a live recording 4 years ago using the Kenwood (Sharp 722's clone) - it was OK. That was an Animals gig, I used an absolutely rank-and-file PC mono mic.
  4. So, is RH10 live recording quality an improvement over Sony's NetMD generation portable recorders? And any better than that of Sharp MD's? I remember Sharp has always been praised for better quality of its MD portable recorders compared to Sony... I recently bought the RH910, I think in a way it is very similar to the RH10. I also have the Sharp's DR77, which disappointed me during my last live recording - terrible overclipping.
  5. Actually, I have both Sharp MD77 and Sony N10... I use Sony's adaptor for Sharp's playback/charging just fine. Yet, Sharp's adaptor can't charge the Sony... Obviously, different voltages do matter, espacially in the latter case.
  6. So, Sony has reverted to its older type models (R900, R909 etc) for AC adapters, not the newer N10. Is that correct? N10 type adapters actually are on par with those of Sharp (yet, Sharp's not suitable for the N10).
  7. I actually have the following adapter: Model: Sony AC-E30L 3V Input: AC 240 V ~50Hz, 7W Output DC 3V 700 mA Would be suitable I guess?
  8. Can anyone tell me if Sony's Hi-MD PCM is flexible or fixed only in 16 bit/44.1 kHz format? I am more interested in using 24 bit/48 kHz PCM...
  9. I jsut ordered an RH910 from Minidisc-Canada. Since power cords are likely to be incompatible (220V Continental Europe), I wonder what type power cord jacks the RH910 uses. I already have 2 sets of Sony's older generations MDs, such as R909 and N10 - these both use different jacks with different voltages. Can somebody pls help me?
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