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  1. Hi, first post. I'm considering the Sony RH-10 for various reasons (the extra AA battery to increase the battery life, the recording facility etc) but there's a few questions I'd like to ask before I go and get it. I'm in Japan, btw, if that makes any difference to the accessories that do or don't come with the model. The main question concerns the infamous SonicStage. I have rarely read a good piece of press about this software. Is it really that heinous? The other question relates to this too. If I wanted to avoid the hassles with SonicStage, I was thinking of taking the long way round: burning my MP3s via Nero to an ordinary rewritable CD-ROM, and then just using Simple Burner to transfer the tracks over to the RH-10. This will obviously take a lot longer, but time is not such a major issue for me. Would this work? Or does Simple Burner only work with commercially purchased CDs? If anyone can answer these questions (I know the first question is kind of subjective, but I'd like to get an idea of most users' views) it would be really helpful and most appreciated. Thanks
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