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  1. .... thanks, but still don´t get it. That links get me to download a driver... but still can´t get Sonic Stage 4.3.... my compureting skills are making me sick!!!! How do I download it????? thanks for the help
  2. Hi! I need some help again... I´m trying to download SonicStage from the "Download´s" section but the link does not work. Also tried to get the 4.3 from a link I found in the forum, but the link seems to be broken too. Any idea were to download the installer file? And what is the best Sonic Stage to work with Vista? Thanks for the help....
  3. Thanks for the help! I looked over http://whsle.biz for the RM-MC39LT and the RM-MC37LT . The 39LT is about 20 US dollars more expensive than the 37LT... is it worth it? is the only difference between bothe of the the "AB" function. Any way... i´ll still probably get the 39LT. None of them got backlight, is that right? Well, thank again... thsi forum really works!
  4. Just want to be able to have it all in one.... radio is the thing that i´m missing... any idea of which remote and where could i find it? I've searched for the RM-MC40ELK remote, which was supposed to be a tunner remote, but couldn't find it for sale neither in amazon, ebay or minidisco... any way, if someone knows something about it... thanks
  5. Thats it. I just want to hep out a friend to improve his volume... His equalizer is restricted, it doesn´t have the "custom 1 or 2" option either. Thanks for the help...
  6. Ahhhh... I really don´t know if he bought it here, it might be that someone bought for him in Europe... the volume in his unit is real low. Any way, do you know where in this forum is the hack? just to try it out... Or how could i know if it´s one of the units that have blocked the volume? Thanks for the help...
  7. Hi... A friend want´s to hack his RH-910 becausehis volume is too low. Are latin america´s models also volume restricted? well, anyway... i know in this forum there is the explaination to hack the MD, but i haven´t been able to find it. If someone could help me out... thanks... Oh, another question... is it safe to do the hack? thanks again..
  8. Nirishi, i´ll write in english... I guess you are chilean for the way you wrote... could you help me out with a repair service in Santiago? Is there any good and serious and hopefully cheap repair service in Santiago? Do you know the adress? the telephone or mail? the e-mail you gave me... is that from a repair service? The thing is that i don´t know if the problem is eith the lector... i need to know that first... and the other problem... i wouldn´t be able to fix it up by myself... well, anyway... thanks for your help and i hope you could guide me to a good repair service! Gonzalo
  9. Too bad... i was thinking if getting into service mode could help... maybe because it was recording when it went to the floor that know isn´t reading anything.... anyone knows how to enter service mode? (i haven´t been able to download the service manual...) maybe that could help... The thing is that in Chile, ther tech support isn´t that good. And they tell you that the "reckinstruger" is broken and you just have to belive them and pay them 120 dollars to get it fixed... Thanks for any help... please!!!! anybody!!!! i ran out of music and got no money to get something new or repair my MD! Gonzalo
  10. Hi everybody... first of all sorry for my english i just posted this topic but í havent been able to find it, and don´´t know if i really posted it fine... so i´ll post it again, hoping someone could help me out.... I was live recording with my RH-910 when it fell form a little table that is about 50 centimeters high. I fell with the cable that gives the power to the unit (AC adaptor) pulling the unit toward the floor, so it was a midium-soft crash i would say. Well, despite the crash it continued recording... after a while i stopped the unit a didn´t pay attention on what the unit said when i stopped it. Later, i tried to play a MD an after "thinking" a while it tells me " error de lectura" which is "fail on reading" i guess. Any body knows what can i do about? Thanks for any tips-- Gonzalo
  11. Hi everybody.. i wonder if someone can hep me with the annoying soincstage use... i´m from Chile and haven´t been able to find any friends that uses MD`s to help me out with "daily stuff". I own a RH-910... One of my biggest troubles (i don`t know if its me or is it just the software...) is the way Sonicstage library organizes the albums i import, wich i usually keep as folders with the name of the album... it is just a huge mess! it seems sonicstage can`t just import the folder and keep it in the library as one unit or "folder", instead, it usually will group the songs in some other folders it creates... Any solution to this? Thanks for any hint on solving this... it really make me hate the procss of transfering music to mi Hi MD, so if theres anything that can help... THANKS!
  12. thanks.... any idea if there is a post or page where to find out about the omg, oma files-.... just keep reading those words....just formats and extensions related stuff? thanks afain
  13. Hi, just a few basic questions... just trying tolearn a little bit this minidisc world...! can anybody tell me how do the different formats workbetween the pc/hi-md? when i import a file through sonicstage... does it create inmediateley a "copy"of the file i was importing but in another format? if yes, in which format? what is name of the format in which audio files are stored on the MD (transferred through sonicstage) are those OMA files? and... is there any link or topic in this forum where i can read about this stuff? thanks....
  14. Well, i´ll have to stand alone for south america. I´m from Chile, borned in the north and right know living in the south. Grandparents from Spain and the others chilean. I don´t writte too much because i have nothing to say... but i do have lots of questions! just read a whole bunch of the posts so i could get some of the audio tech knowledge
  15. I´ve been looking for a remote for my unit, and the only one that seems to fit in is one that´s worth about 100 bucks... is there anything a little bit less expensive for the rh910 out there? thanx....
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