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  1. same problem, I spent whole night on this, looks it is related with other update
  2. obviously you don't understand the problem, I try many version of sonic stage, all have same problem, reinstall or install newer version won't solve this problem. looks it is connected to windows update, the worst thing is, after I do system recovery, I even cannot remove OpenMg.
  3. Connect in minidisc.org's sonicstage 3.2 has been removed, this is very good. It can save you a lot of time, but it include a new mp3 codec which can not be un-installed from control panel. this is too bad. So, think about this first, if you really do not need this, just uncheck this when do installation.
  4. Waste me whole night to figure out this problem... After install Sonicstage 3.2 (with OpenMG 4.0), the sonicstage crashes whenever I import mp3 files, with zero exception, complaining about OpenMG cannot write. The problem is from Microsoft patch MS04-032. You need install microsoft patch 887811 to fix this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/887811 Hope this can save your time.
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