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  1. does it come in any other colour or it just the blue
  2. hi all just wondering is it worth it converting mp3 file at 128-192kb to Atrac3+ 256kb+ or wma to 256kb+ or how bout first burning the mp3 or wma to cd than extract it to 256kb Atrac3+ thank it advance
  3. thank for the help i have order the RM-MC35ELK hope that will work thank again got the remote first it didn't work i have to get ss3.2 to run in japanese applocale than rename with japanese character that look like the chinese character for it to display some character still come up as ? though hey at least it didplay most character
  4. just wondering if the nh600 can display chinese character if so can some show me how it done. i got SS 3.2 to display chinese by when tranfer to th emd it doesn't display the character but instead som japa character
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